Flagstaff, Arizona

Home to the University of Arizona, Flagstaff. A large community or family of hippies came here for the diversity of “the kind” and other “party favors.” With the San Francisco Peaks and Sedona only twenty minutes away the opportunities for adventure are endless.

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Comments about Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Flagstaff is an amazing town to visit and have a great time! It is full of kind folks and has a great spirit. You can feel the spirits of the native americans. It is a very magical place.

  • Flag is a spiritual center with many kind hearted hippies….great coffee house on beaver street and a great group of hippie minded downtown businesses….drum circles can be found every where ….a great place to live and explore.

  • I would agree with all the comments posted here. However, the key to know is that “it is a nice place to visit.” It is quite expensive to live here and work is not easy to find (unless you work for the University or the Tourist industry). Don’t get me wrong, there is some really cool people here and two fantastic health food stores/cafes that are very hippie oriented. Also, some great shops and a small town atmosphere that is quite refreshing. The weather is awesome if you don’t mind the cold winters. There has been kind of a battle between the hippies and the yuppies over how Flagstaff should be, but it is a very magical place. Last time I was here, there was still a few hippies that even sat on the city council! I think Flagstaff would be a great place to live if it was not so expensive…but that’s cool. Go and enjoy. Peace.

  • I moved from Orange County, California to Flagstaff, AZ almost 2 years ago and I love it here. There is so much culture and art. There is always something going on here and people are much less into money and status.
    Hippies everywhere! And you are surrounded by the American Indians to remind you of what ir really important.
    Peace to All

  • ive been in flagstaff for six weeks now and found the job hunt next to impossible, so far its been hard to find others strange people and make friends. nice place to visit hard place to servive

  • Ive been in flagstaff for several months now, going to school at NAU, but the one thing that struck me most about the town (as well as made me fall in love with it) was the diversity of people living there. I love it when I see hippies walking down the street, it just makes me feel at home. Which is why Flag is a great place to live, or even visit.

  • Since we live in Arizona, my husband and I visit Flagstaff quite frequently. Very beautiful and outstanding vibes. People are always playing hackysack in the park and there are plenty of smiling faces. The only downside is that it is quite expensive to live there and the jobs are pretty much nil. The locals call it poverty with a view. Other than that, a great place to visit with plenty of co-ops and vegetarian offerings.

  • I was born in this town and have lived here most of my 20 yrs and let me just inquire that although this town does indeed have more of us (hippies) than most places in the Southwest, it is by no means a “haven” for hippies. It’s more of a (corporate sellout) skate punk town. I walk down the street and people laugh at the way I look. I’m moving back up to San Francisco pretty soon, now that’s a haven.

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