Mystic Hot Springs

Located in Monroe, Utah, Mystic Hot Springs is an unexpectedly layed back place to chill. The owners are old Dead Heads who stumbled in after the last concerts in Vegas in 1995. They have been collecting old cabins and school buses and coverting them into overnight lodging. They also have a music venue that attracts many nationally touring JamBands.

The Hot springs soaking pools are outside and overlook a beautiful Valley. Funky and cool this place is a welcome stop if you find yourself on the road exploring the wonders of nature in southern Utah. They also are a wwoof place and do a work trade if you can’t afford the $10.00 per night fee.

Soak, Dance, Relax, Camp, Save the earth!

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  • I was at Mystic Hot Springs today for the first time 5/15/04. It is a little rough and needs some TLC. The drive and the valley is quite nice.
    I don’t think I will be back.

  • I actually live by these hot springs but never stayed the night. It was pretty fun to take my girl to and see a little drum circle outside but it’s a very welcoming place and does indeed have bands come very often. It’s a little run down but with donations I can see they are getting oh so much better.

  • I have indeed visited mystic hot springs and did indeed find it most groovacious. We could hear some drummers having a session below as we soaked in the pools and it was most relaxing. My buddy lives down by there and I would like to go and see a band there sometime.
    Right on Mystic Right on

  • When I was a kid my grandparents used to stay at the hot springs park often. You can catch tropical fish from thermally heated pools, and hike to the rainbowed earth where the hot springs emerge. I was very surprised one time recently while passing thru, to hear that they had pretty good tunes now and then. I saw Nucleus a band from where i now live in Humboldt, and the Miracle Orchestra. Hot springs and boomers turned out to not be my favorite combo. Wooozy. Be so, so careful here, and thruout the mormon stronghold! It is a beautiful place, but it is oh so easy to end up in big trouble for nothing at all there.

  • My boyfriend and I go up to Mystic Hot Springs all the time. The owners are friendly and very chill. Its great to soak in the tubs and enjoy the beautiful landscape of southern utah. I recommend this to all who needs to get away from all the chaos of the world for a bit.

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