This wonderful coffeeshop is tucked away in an alley just a block from the Dam square. Excellent smoke, a beautiful, trippy interior, and live DJ make this a popular place with locals and tourists.

The Abraxas is an old favorite of lots of folks in Amsterdam. The buildings date back several hundred years, according to the owner, and are directly across the alleyway from the Supper Club.

One building was built originally as a coffeeshop and café to serve clientele from the neighborhoods many newspapers a hundred years ago. The scene abck then was filled with reporters out for a drink, a meal, or a smoke. Tobacco was king back then, not marijuana, but I’m sure a few crafty Dutch were smoking opium or hashish at the time. You can feel it in the Abraxas’ aura when you are there.

From humble beginnings a few years back, Abraxas has now gone upscale and classy, and has become even more of a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Three floors are decked out like hobbitland with beautiful custom wood and tilework. Great music fills the place as the dj or dealer pick a wide range of groovy tunes. Around the corner on the Nieuwezijds Voorburghwal are several hot nightspots (clubs), so there is a lot of club energy here. You can even request a song if they’re not too busy.
Abraxas serves quality bud and hashish and is one of the few places in town that doesn’t shake their buds. You can use the microscope to view the intact tricomes up close for yourself.
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To find the Abraxas Coffeeshop from the Dam Square, look at Madam Tussaud’s Building, and notice the alley to the right of it called the Kalverstraat. Enter this alleyway, and look for the very first right-hand turn into the tiny alleyway named Jonge Rollensteeg. Keep going… it’s down at the other end by the Nieuwzijdes Voorburgwal on the right. There are several large neon signs.

Jonge Rollensteeg
Amsterdam 1012PL
Phone: 489-1933

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  1. This is a great coffeeshop! Do yourself a favor and ask the dealers recommendation when selecting your smoke. I would have never chosen his pick due to the temptations of heavily advertised,
    familiar options. His choice, hawaiian ice.
    Smooth, strong and sweet…………….!

  2. Abraxas IS the best place to go. You have not tried space cake until you have been here. The weed and hash (Abraxas special, not on menu) are fantastic and the atmosphere is superbly chilled, relax on the top floor with a Crystal Blunt, cannabis plants growing inches away from you and pray home time never comes. Or just pack a bowl and get bliitzed.

  3. Abraxas has a welcoming feel when you step inside and reminds me of Bilbo Baggins’ house in the hobbit. The grow room is the best place to smoke the hours away. Or discuss the effects of smarties on the elphant population with a random Icelandic acrobat. DM”Tekhippi”01-

    PS Love to the “Classics” – Ryan, Jesse, Ross, Stuart and Sean.

  4. Hey guys, u gotta check this one out! the dope is high quality and the place is cool on a stick. I only went their once on my coffee shop crawl but i will definatly be comming back. This place is good in the day and as good in the night, be there or be somewhere else. This is a place with friendly people for friendly people! peace to all, bong.

  5. This place is awesome and I have never even ventured beyond the bar area. Been there on two visits and love it early in the morning when it’s quiet. great weed and hash washed down with the best orange juice in Amsterdam. see you 10am on march 12 guys. Marty from Glasgow.

  6. Hello , i am from eindhoven , the netherlands.
    When i whent to zaandam to party with a few friends in the Hemkade i stopped in amsterdam to smoke a spliff.
    We bought some weed at the Abraxas to roll a joint.
    I was very stoned after smokin’ this J , very good value for a good product.
    Greetz Lytheon -..-

  7. Stopped here in September 2002 a couple of times. Great smoke selection, good prices,
    friendly dealer (something of a rarity in Amsterdam), it can get crowded at times. One of
    my favorite shops. No alcohol, just soft drinks and juices. A much better ambiance than
    the tiny Grey Area. Highly recommended, try the Abraxas special. When I was there it was
    a blonde Moroccan hash that was excellent and very reasonably priced.

  8. There isn’t that much space, and a lot of the seats are uncomfortable. But the dealer was knowledgeable and we bought some excellent weed for a good price. You may not be impressed but you certainly wont be disappointed. Definitely worth a visit. They always seem to have football on there too, so if u are into that, go check it out heh. (Though if ur not into football don’t dismay, there is always good music on and the tv’s have the sound turned off)

  9. After the dark, dank atmosphere of other coffeehouses, the airy, pleasant Abraxas was a cool surprise. The tiny stools you sit on were not great, but if you’re lucky enough to score a couch — perfect.

    Never ventured to the highest floor, as the stairs seem perilous. Next time.

  10. Abraxas was my fave coffeeshop in Amsterdam. It’s comfortable, friendly, and best of all you can imbibe in your favorite cannabis treat a variety of different ways. Try one of the shakes–they’ll knock your socks off. There’s internet access and a wonderful array of juices, too. The woman who waited on us was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all the products. I’d return here in a heartbeat, and bring all my friends…

    MSH in Denver

  11. weed s no really cheap here, but it can kick ass. just ask what s fresh. i need it all: the stash, the weed tea, the girls, the juice ;-), the internet, the supper club folks & m.o.a. the chilly shiva temple on top floor. betta dont go there! its ma place & it could get 2 crowdy. u wont make the stairs anyway…

  12. A little un-inviting at first, even claustraphobic, but once i relasied that there’s 3 floors, i changed my tune. Lovely decor, very attractive female staff ;), nice coffee.

    All I bought in the way of smoke was some of their scuff, which was quite nice. I wasn’t impressed by the variety/originality of their menu, but that’s not to say their weed wasn’t any good.

    The atmosphere and layout of the place is much nicer than nearly all the other coffeeshops i visited; the decor is like that of the inside of some sort of psychedlic pirate ship. The place is decked out in lovely wooden beams and gables, every ugly ventilation pipe or electrical outlet is disguised or painted or decorated. The toilets were clean and nice, however some of the seats around the place aren’t all that comfortbale. most of the music they played was decent, and the staff seem to know just the right time to clear your table and offer you more drinks.

    you get 15 minutes free internet with your first drink, which are reasonably priced.

    all in all, a must-see coffeeshop. top drawer.


    ps i found the nicest place to chill was in the attic room with the warming glow of the plants and their light 😉

  13. A great place to get smashed in the evening! very relaxed enviroment + attractive female bar staff. Kind of expensive on the bud side – but the exellent selection of drinks and food make up for it. Can get kind of busy in the evening though! Always a brilliant end to a day of getting stoned !!

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