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  1. Most consistently “Fun” Leather bar in the city. Real Men Here! Basement darkroom is large with both lighted and dark areas, boths and a room with a sling. An old boiler keeps the room warm and is a great place to play on cold nights. The bar itself plays great music and the very hot crowd is great to watch.

  2. One of the top 10 leather bars in the world. Dress code strictly enforced, which means real leathermen come and have friendly, no drama, communication of all types. The owner and staff keep the atmosphere at ease. Unfortunately, the last time I visited was 1999. Still, great memories of fun times both upstairs and in the keller-basement. Great, friendly men in Amsterdam seem to go to Argos.

  3. Past its Prime ?
    I visited on a Thursday / Friday / Saturday in mid 2004. I’m sorry to say the dress code was NOT enforced on any night and several visitors to the backroom were not in sleaze wear.
    Tight bottoms, mid thirties to younger, were getting most of the action. More mature bottom were stumbling over each other but not getting much action. Bottom to TOP ratio seemed at least 80/20. Tops of all ages, shapes and sizes had no trouble getting serviced.

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