Unfortunately it appears this restaurant is no longer in business…. ūüôĀ

As we wandered around the Leidseplein, my friends from Spain were looking for something different to eat. So when they suggested we look into this Russian restaurant, I was psyched to try anything. And given the new American/Russian amity as evidenced by the Bush/Putin lovefest, it seemed like it was time to see what the Russians have to offer on the culinary scene these days. The menu looked way more inviting than a Texas barbecue, that’s for sure!

The once decadent, and now charming Czarist decor is inviting, with… Continue reading


Now permanently closed.

Formerly the Time, just the name is changed. Closed Mondays, Reggae night is Tuesday, Wednesday’s Fusion, numerous DJ’s keep the scene always interesting at this long-time Amsterdam favourite. What a convenient location, right there in the middle of it all! Have a groovy Time, or Item, or whatever.

Niuewezijdes Voorburgwal 163/5

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