The Baba Coffeeshop is in a new location, see the map below to stumble upon it while doing your coffeeshop crawl.

HIGHLY rated!

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  • Although a nice setup inside, the quality of weed on offer here was, as far as i could tell, not good. Also the hard house music got too much sometimes when you just wanted to kick back and chill with a joint(preferably rolled with weed purchased elsewhere)

  • not bad. view good, comfort good, weed good, staff and surroundings good , light and airy. has the feel of a pub to it rather than a dingy cellar with tables and stools made of mdf. worth a visit.

  • good place to observe the action.

  • Went to Baba last March loved the decor and the staff was informative and friendly.

  • I went to the baba coffee shop and yes they do play that hard house crap. Apart from being a very small coffeshop i thought the location was excellent and the staff very freindly. The weeds not that good but they have a nice selection of space shakes and cakes. 7/10 i would give it.

  • Give this one a minute or two sitdown; it has the most class of any Coffeeshop in A’dam. Space cakes are huge and taste great, try one out. Love it how the house dealer in his own little alleyway, but the weed and hash are pretty average here.

  • Just returned from Amsterdam. Ate a hash brownie as soon as I got there. Took about an hour to kick-in and by that time, I was staring at the awesome Van Gogh paintings at the Van Gogh museum. The brownie turned out to be very, very potent.

  • Çok kral yer delikanlı yeri teknocu yeri
    Dımtıs be yürü be ESRAR ÇEKMEK NE ZEVKLİ 🙂

  • Have to give this coffeeshop top marks all round. Have just returned from my 2nd visit to Amsterdam and still haven’t found a better one. I personally like the hard house music (sorry to all those who like the more mellow vibes) and the atmosphere is great. Being situated on the edge of the red light district gives it an ideal place to sit and watch the world. They don’t have the widest selection of weed but have to admit that the skunk silver haze hit the spot. Watch out for the tingley head sensation!

  • stop playing with the volume on the sounds you muppet.

  • In order to really appreciate this place, you have to really like House/Trance. If you do, then the atmosphere, patrons, staff will totally make a great chill place. I love it, will be there this weekend.


  • a la plus belle serveuse si tu te rapelle de nous et bien on te passe le bonjours helena et a bientot bisous

  • the volume and the music ….were too much for me

  • Good smoke, if you’re “on the go” or you’re particularly fond of house music. Myself…that music drives me crazy…I mad a purchase and went straight for the door.

  • This place makes a great landmark for newbees to the area

  • i loved it! then again i do love loud techno/trance music! the weed was pretty good. i sat in there for hours at a time and got on that little internet machine. then there was christie who worked there. i started talking to her and this israeli guy and it was really cool! i say its worth a visit.

  • had great time in babas. music excellent.i had a big rush i was boiling and went blind very potent.what an experince.will be back for more.

  • Granted we all aren’t entirely pleasant at 8am – but shaggy man had a real attitude, but his retoric political punk music was actually cool. -i’m over it, the weed was smooth.

  • the space cake rocks !!!!
    thanks for the great buzz !!!!!!!

  • My alltime favourite coffeeshop

  • Quality…

  • Efficient service, but the space cakes are the bomb. If you can ignore the music, it’s a great place to chill.

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