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  1. This is THE only place in Dam to have a proper slap up brekkie, the foods like ours (BRITISH) cafes all greasey spoon stuff (but we like that foriegners :)), anyways me mate dropped his wallet containing £300 right next to the counter and they gave it back 15 mins after we left (we came back for it) , so the staff are pukka, anyways the smokes good but take heed that the smoke is not ALWAYS what it says it is, i bought sweet tooth and next day went in for more and it was a totally different plant, but on a scale of 1-10 for food………8 and for smoke 7, if ya want pukka smoke, DE Dampkring or The Grey Area, im going in 31 n half hours…..so wish me luck…….AGAIN 🙂

  2. Great food, but you´re not allowed to sit at the tables unless you eat. I couldn´t see any signs stating that and therefore felt conned into ordering a meal I didn´t quite feel like having at the time I was in that part of the city. It costs too much to be there, hence the character. Make an outside sign to deserve a higher score. You know , YOU GOT TO EAT TO HAVE A SEAT!

  3. My fiancee and I went to Amsterdam Nov.2000. We visited many coffeeshops, and Barney’s was one of our favorites. We ordered dutch pancakes with dutch syrup, and they were awesome! I loved the food, the pot and the atmosphere. I definetly recommend this coffeeshop to everyone!!!! I also suggest going to the grasshopper (also one of our favorites)

  4. Love the place. One of my fondest memories of Amsterdam came on the final morning, trying to plough through heaps of bud over the compulsory full English brekkie before the flight home.

    What really stands out in this happy haze of a memory is the fantastic staff and their willingness to converse with the most battered of punters.

    The compelling interiors, food and friendliness make this my essential ‘Last stop on the way home’.

  5. i just got back an hour ago, i didn’t want to go home infact i’m going to move there for the summer. Barney’s not only is the best place to go for a slap up breakfast in the morning the food is really good and it has the added bonus of being a coffeeshop aswell, with a fine selection of hasish, i recommend tibetian polm, so you can sit and chill with a few spliffs before your breakfast. How much better can it be. A big thumbs up from Libby in scotland

  6. if your planning a trip to amsterdam and your looking for good skunk and good food this is the place to be and it opens at 7 in the morning.
    thats good thing if u like a smoke befor breakfast cos all the other coffee shops dont open til 10

  7. Go early & get the breakfast, nothing to beat a hash hangover over there other than a Barney’s Fry Up a mug of proper Tea and a spliff to soak it all up with. Going back for the 4th time in April, cant wait to get up on Friday for a Barney’s excursion


  8. Love This Place. It is the perfect size with an Indian decor with pillows all over the padded wooden Benches. Very divers but mostly mellow music. They are so nice behind the bar, as they showed me all their herbs and lent me a beautiful bong to smoke out of. The Glass pipes are so amazing!! Talk about art. If that isn’t enough, they have a sedated cat named Rambo who sleeps 24-7 all over the shop. GO here for a nice break away from the hectic Red Light District. Peace.

  9. Was in Amsterdam the 14th-21st of March, 2002, and Barney’s was THE place to get stoned. The breakfast was specatular and afterwards, enjoying a bong full of Cannabis Cup 2002 winner Sweet Tooth. You must go here!

  10. first stop off the plane at about 7am dutch time. nice omelettes and fine smoke, the waitress thought we were really anoying americans, but was kinda nice.

  11. Absolutely abominable service by a woman who was certainly the rudest person I’ve ever come across working in any kind of shop or restaurant. The weed is good I think, but not that cheap. I wont return.

  12. Just arrived to Amsterdam early in the morning and was not able to check into my hotel for 3 hrs. So, I went to Barney’s for breakfast and some smoke. Had an excellent omelette, strong cup of coffee and washed it all down with some Northern Lights. First of all, I am NOT an expert on weed, so I asked the staff for a recommendation of something that “will not put me into a coma”. The offered the Northern Lights and I was knocked on my ass for the next 3 hrs! I could not leave my table, I was so high!! Staff was friendly, music was great Trip Hop and the cool thing was that there were three old ladies (approx 60s) smoking at the next table over from me. Reminded me of my mom! It was a site to see. All in All, Barney’s rocks! That will be my first stop when I go back over in August.


  13. nice for the ex-pat who likes to hang with others 🙂
    good stuff and friendly staff….hard to get to the counter sometimes and the food takes time but all in all very nice place…all ages feel welcome there 🙂

  14. 1st place to go.top notch smoke food is clean staff friendly going 31st july 2002 (again)..scored xxx skunk when i was there last. Walked out of barneys nearly was taken out by cars,trams and bikes the xxx was wicked.see you all soon docspliffy@hotmail.com

  15. Went there last Feb. Just hopped off an 8hr flight. Too early to check into the hotel. Decided to hit Barney’s. Had a kick ass omelette, good cup of coffee, all served with a smile. Took 4 hits of Northern Lights, and I was in a coma for about 6 hrs. Barney’s will be my first stop on my next trip!


  16. I go to Amsterdam every year, and Barneys is always on the agenda…..you cant beat them for a good brekkie and mug of tea (Even Fishfinger sandwiches/Apple pie and custard)..along with some of the best White Widow…A must for any traveller to the Dam…..Long may it remain!!!

  17. Next month is my 11th visit to Amsterdam. And ever since I discovered this coffee shop I have to visit this coffeeshop for breakfast and a smoke 🙂 The breakfasts are lovely, you have to have a cooked one 😀


  18. this shop is the shit flyingin from NY i get into town at 6 30 am so i head right to Barneys for some orange bud a great meal great bacon and at the end a killer shake emm well ill be there in 2 weeks

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