The Bluebird is a very popular coffeeshop that offers up an excellent array of hashish and marijuana, with samples displayed in two large books by the dealers corner (don’t lean on them while you’re standing in line!).

The two-story place can get very crowded at times, and waiting in the narrow space by dealer’s counter for service is no fun. There is a cozy area with sofa and chairs, but those are usually taken, leaving mostly tall stools at small counters. Your best bet is the two outside tables in the summer.

The music is usually good, but it’s not such a cozy place to hang out. However, if you’re looking for a great selection of imported hashish, especially the black kind, like Afghani, Nepali, or Malana this is THE place! I recommend the Mazar-I-Sharif. They also sell some tasty cannabis bon-bons here.

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  • Other than the dealer trying to hard sell, the Bluebird is very good and worth the visit.

  • i would like to recommend this coffee shop to anyone who likes to chill, and for those connoisseurs who like to sample all the many different types of skunk, as they must have at least 50 types! smokers heaven!
    they also have leather sofas which is better than the usual wooden chairs you get out there. definately recomend this place

  • I’d recommend going there in the early afternoon, getting high and then checking out the flea market down the street. It’s a great vibe for a busy part of amsterdam with a wide view of the street below.

  • A great Coffeeshop with a good vibe , friendly English staff (yeah there busy but they talk to you if you make sense!) the AK was beatifull , obvios organic nugs with a dense milky trichome cover , pliable and definately one for the scissors ……I’ll be back to sample their Star Wars …………P

  • This is a wicked coffee shop and I advise anyone that goes to Dam to find it. The gear is as cheap as you will find it anywhere, The hot chocs kicks ass and the seats? They are just great.

  • Think of a place you could die happy…think bluebird….that sofa is mine!!

  • definatley deserves a 10. best coffee shop i was at while in amsterdam…

  • By far one of the best in town. The AK-47 was the nuts…..also the HI-Rise was a bit more suttle.Just got back, Hi dont like cricket yeah,oh no
    I lov it a,I dont like Amsterdam, oooooh no Iove it .

  • Great place to meet fine folk…

  • Man,this place touched me somewhere special. Try the new AK, it’s a ripper! Oh, and Peaches, that sofa had my name on it long before you!!! Had one of the best nights of my life in there with that sofa, just the best.

  • Often a bit busy to chill with your purchase, but this is my favourite coffee shop for the range and quality of smoke on offer. Will be my first stop on my next trip to the Dam.

  • all i need to say is try the AK-47!

  • Visited this coffeeshop in sept. 2002, it was very nice. Sat downstairs by the door n watched the city go by while smokin some lovely weed bought from there. But the downsides are that the stools had no backrest and were very uncomfortable, plus the area around the dealer is very small bein at the top of the staircase. But other than that it was a pleasure visiting!

  • yeah very good offer

  • Great smoke, great menu…you can sample a lot here. Service is helpful and friendly and smoke is a good price.

  • after having whitey (huge) the staff were great. watch out for kali mist and pink floyd cd love the place

  • Been to the dam 16 times, still can’t go past the bluebird.Infact head right for it, best selection of weed i’ve seen. Tourists and locals all welcome,will be there in 2 days can’t waitGet the Kali ready. Jamie Scotland

  • ricky said it is the best weed around

  • this place was real nice. the buds were great and the sevice was warm and receptive. i especially liked the mellow rock music. i’ll check this place out again anytime.

  • great hash!

  • we hit about 10 coffeeshops and the pot was lacking. finally we hit the bluebird which turned out to be the best on this trip. the ” star warz” seemed to be the best pot. but overall, im not impressed with amsterdam pot. i smoke better weed in the states!

  • smoke was absolutly first class.a lot of amsterdam smoke is not as good as quality home grown but the “sage”at bluebird is worth it.staff were friendly,but not too knowledgable.i’d give the coffee a miss too.half a cup isn’t a coffee.very busy place,but i guess the layout doesn’t help.go there for the smoke,not for the beverages.

  • love this place. one of the best in the business. maybe just by luck but the 3 times i was there the place was full of beautiful women also.

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