Cafe Nol

Bar in the Jordaan reknowned for it’s drag acts. The ultimate scream of an evening I’ve heard, with queens from the closet in the crowd and more queens on the stage. Absolutely Fabulous.

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  • El Cafe Nol es sin ninguna duda el bar musical mas bueno que conozco y de el grato recuerdo que tengo de holanda el mejor, es la noche que estuve en el.

  • Cafe Nol is a typical Amsterdam Cafe in the style of the old inhabitants of the Jordaan.
    It is basically ‘over the top’ red carpet on the wall and the bar, porselain statues, aweful lamps which become beautiful from their uglyness…
    I bet they don’t speak English or any other language for that matter. The owners are typical Jordaners (not people from Jordan but a neighbourhood in Amsterdam) and they speak the original Amsterdam slang. A great place !

  • Tip from a Dutchman; don’t go there sober, or if you can’t stand cigarettes. Very small and crowded on a good night. It’s a place to meet students, “regulars”, expatriates e.o. fun people!

    There’s a relic old sailor dude who’s always there!

  • I love this cafe. The old sailor man his name is uncle Jan in Holland we said ome Jan.

    Somebody said that he thinks that they don’t speak English. Every Dutchman speaks English 🙂

  • Thought it was a great place, super fun and the old sailor does speak english when he wants to. Double thumbs up from me

  • Komen hier ook mensen op dit forum uit de periode 1971 to 1975
    mail eens

  • Uncle Jan is dead for some time now !

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