Escape Nightclub

One of Amsterdam’s hottest spots – a multi-media experience on the Rembrandtplein. Lots of events held nightly.

To quote their website:

“Escape Venue has been a fact in the Dutch nightlife since 1987. Exclusive parties, music, light, decoration: all faces of a progressive club venue…For young adults who see themselves in a multi media environment, existing of modern dancemusic, hi-tech lighting, eye caressing visuals and internet.

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  1. escape nightclub is a plush little number the sound system rocks and the set up is open planned. Lots of bars and a very friendly atmoshere.My opinion is go on a saturday,every time ive been on a friday night it has been very quiet, but saturday night is a whole different ball game, packed to the max pumpin sounds, the dance floor is the place to be but there is a couple of nicely seated chill out areas where you can also have a smoke.Ive been to a few break beat nights and also been to funky and U.S house nights which all turned out to be in two words something special.

  2. This nightclub is nothing like i thought. i thought i was going to a big nightclub but unfortunatly it is tiny compared to any normal club in England. The music is bad(has no beat), there is only 1 decent bar downstairs and a tiny bar which sells wine upstairs, you have to pay 50 cents to pee and the people there are snotty. Amsterdam in itself is a great place but if your going for the nightlife i would suggest going elsewhere.

  3. This place is fabulous. I am a regular visitor to Amsterdam. Going to the supper club is a must everytime I go. The staff are great and the food superb.


  4. When I went to this nightclub it was a jam packed sausage fest. There were dudes everywhere. I went with girls from our tour group and all of the girls on it were swamped with drunken guys, they all wanted to get out after an hour. This in combination with the 16 Euro entry fee, then paying 50 euro cents every time you needed to go to the toilet makes me never want to go back to this club. I mean come on, you pay so much to get in and then for the drinks, then obviously the alcohol makes you want to pee, and they charge you for that as well. Ripoff sausage party.

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