Now permanently closed by the city of Amsterdam, the small Coffeeshop Extase is/was located in the Red Light District, the Oude Hoogstraat. Offereing fresh orange juice, loud music, clouds of smoke, many interesting characters were to be found here! Lots of windows, plants and flowers made this a cheery place.

Comments about Extase

  • this place blowed donkey nuts

  • Strange that for such a small place it was the first place I found and went to in Amsterdam – but I feel comfortable there so I keep going back! Nice little place. I always buy good Northern Lights and Silver Haze. Good hash too. Always space to sit – nice to have an OJ and watch the world go by….

  • coffeeshop ‘Extase’ is small and the interior not dissimilar to many other’s that you find squashed in and almost un-noticeable on the shopping streets of Amsterdam. I noticed on my last visit that the menu was identical to that of the Sensi seeds catalogue, with one slight problem. The G-13 that I purchased (for 50fl) was damp and stringy, more sativa than indica, did not burn well and did not get me stoned. The Warlock was reminisent of moldy little pebbles, and the Jack Flash was not Jack Flash. Have not tried the Hash though, sounds good.

  • i went here alone and with my husband, and when i was alone i met some very interesting people. small but nice 馃檪

  • The place sucked. They sold prepackaged bags of weed and they got annoyed when we opened them to smell it. TOURIST TRAP to say the least. Watch your back. Don’t know about the hash, but I bet it’s high priced. Go to Rick’s instead.

  • nice white widow

  • Comparable quality and prices to other places we tries but the staff were fantastic. My wife and me were so wasted I couldn’t get down the steep stairs to get a refill of their excellent hot chocolate but the guy behind the bar just smiled and said “It’s OK man, I’ll bring it up to you”. It’s doesn’t get much better than staff who really appreciate how it is to be that wasted!

  • You have to try the alternative “afternoon tea” at The Extase. BIG UP!
    But remember: You can buy the Space cake but you cant buy respect in the Hood…

  • It was difficult to reach the toilet because of the f***ing stears when I was high.
    Great place before the red light…..
    Overall, OK!!

  • I walked in this place with big expectations to get high. I got some good stuff and went on a fabolus trip. I really enjoyed it. Although, it was kinda cold in there. I needed my jacket on…

    Music was ok. Space Cake very tasty.
    Go there if u wanna fly!
    Big Up!

  • A good place where i always enjoy to go when i’m in Dam
    It is a peaceful place in the center of red light district people are quite friendly and service is good
    if it is your first time in ‘Dam, so just go and sit at the Extase. If you are alone sit next the window and just appreciate people walkin’in front of u while havin’ a good spliff 馃檪 u will not probably be alone for a long time !
    Inconvenient : remember you are in the centrum, so.. it’s quite expensive! u must buy 12.5e min
    Oh! don’t forget to have a look to a extraordinary picture which named ‘Monkey business’ Terrific!
    ps:if someone can tell me who done this picture (i don’t remember.) please e-mail me lambda_fr@hotmail.com
    Thanx and have good time!!!

  • Really nice.Had a lot of fun!!!

  • While in another coffeeshop a guy who worked in Xtase gave me an unsolicited piece of polm hash that seemed to grow in my lungs and my pipe. The little blob he put in my pipe gave me many wonderful hits. When I went to Xtase the next day to purchase some polm the guy acted as though he didn’t know me, so I walked out. But that polm was divine.

  • that place was pretty cool. i mean i got good shit and everything else who else wouldn’t be happy if you got high you give this place good ratings if not then you should of bought enough to get HIGH sucker!!

  • One of those places were you can just watch the world go by. Not for too long though
    as mentioned before the stools are a bad idea, but at least it kept us awake trying to
    balance on them. Very welcoming people.

  • People wonder why the Dutch want to close some coffeeshops in Dam but this is a bloody good reason. A complete toilet. Avoid at all costs, what were you doin in the Red Light anyway?

  • The only good things in this coffeeshop is that it’s got enough room to breathe & not feel like you’re suffocating, and it allows ya to watch people wandering in the Red Light District… but staff is pretty cold, weed is average, seats are uncomfortable…and i had a bad trip in those small toilets with that goddamn green neon: fuck it! I ‘d advise you find another one, there are lots of better than this one!


  • This place is really consistent, good gear, nice seats and none of that ‘clubby’ feel some coffeeshops have. Not too full of Euro freaks either. What’s this ‘shifty’ atmosphere other posters have mentioned? It’s just in the RL district, that’s all.

  • Not bad for the red light area, and the place was quite chilled. Someone else commented on stairs to the toilets too – beware they are tricky!

  • nice place to smoke

  • enjoyed my time there , found the people very helpfull , I even left my sweater there and they were kind enough to keep until I returened . It won’t be a trip to Amsterdam without a visit to Extasy .

  • Just skinned up here had a coffee rather expensive! The atmosphere is nice freindly staff, very small though!

  • Yameedameen? me and my cutthoats would always walk past it when we roamed the town ya dig? we finally decided to go in and it gave me that meh feelin yadameen? it was aiight but wasn’t nothin special. east O-A-K-L-A-N-D

  • Visited Extase 5/4/04 Hubby and myselfe enjoyed the experance very much! The AK47 is some of the best I have ever smoked, I have smoked weed since 1966 and have had my share of Calif. Green. But never had anything as good as their AK47. Very helpful person who worked there helped us out as it was our first time in coffee shop. And Extase will be my first stop next year loved it!

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