Funny People

Coffeeshop for locals located across the harbor from Central Station, take the AMsterdam Ferry and follow the map below.

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Comments about Funny People

  • I’m now a bit of a Damage veteran and on each occasion I always go back to Funny People. Although the gear may not be the best in ‘Dam, the skunky Tea is a delight! The best thing about Funny People? The Staff….. every time, they never fail to be polite, friendly and helpful. If you want to score highly with them, tell them you love Ajax Football Team!

  • this place is great.nice staff really friendly even got him to take a photo of us all outside the coffeeshop which he did with out batting a eyelid the light hash here is strong the skunks good too funny place to be.

  • This was a fine place to go chill and watch Jackass.

    The service from thr guys was top.

    See you again soon

  • nice and easy place with friendly extremely relaxed people

  • Went Feb 2002. Six of us went in not enough seats, too cramped. Bought some funny skunk not bad at all. Pretty average coffeeshop…..

  • service was excellent!!!!!!!!!

  • The employees were not the friendliest of people

  • The didn’t have much of a selection, if any. The dealer didn’t know at all about weed, and when he finally sorted me out, the fat pure joint I smoke didn’t even had an effect on me.

    The place was empty, and now I know why.

  • Nothing funny about Funny People. I guess they don’t make them too funny in Holland cause the people there were only a little more friendly than the assholes at the rockerij. Plus, not too much of a selection of weed, I bought a lighter just to show my friend i went and left, nothing much in that place

  • great

  • my first time in amsterdam, i stepped into funny people to have a smoke and sit down for a while. Had a great time, friendly people and staff. I hope to stop by again when i come back.

  • Funny People Coffeeshop its the best ever the Crew are so friendly and nice!
    DONALD i like you verry much

  • walked in and quickly left based on the overt hostility of male staff. air of homophobia in the air. sad, with an ironic name like “funny people”. AVOID this place!

  • One of the guys there was such a bitch!!! The was ok, but the service was horrible.

  • made me better wen i was ill from shrums

  • it is a very pleasant and cool place with very good hot chocolates, went there recently and cant wait to go back.

  • Nothing better than pinball and weed. Couldn’t leave

  • cool place no alchohol which is ok worth a visit

  • The man working there asked for my passport to make sure I was 18. Then he told me to leave because I was only 17 even though at the time I was 18. He read the birthday wrong. My birthday is 3/7, march 7th but I guess in Europe 3/7 means July 3rd. I tried to explain the confusion but he wouldn’t listen. This employee and his homosexual cronies rudely kicked me out of the bar. My friend who was there with me said “let’s get out of this fag coffeeshop anyways”. The gay men were offended and verbally threatened my friend in front of the coffeeshop, they were poking his chest with their fingers and calling him “Fucking asshole”. With their gay euro accents it sounded like “Fucking a asshole”. The shop also had a drawing of a penis on the chalkboard menu above the bar. These rude homosexuals nearly attacked my friend.

  • This is a realy nice cafe with nice music air condition, realy nice to sit in on the summer when the sun are giving you cancer.

  • I left my heart in this place

  • great place with extremely friendly staff. Sat for hours and listened to music, read a book, and wrote postcards. It was really mellow and not overly crowded.

  • We walked in and were happy to see comfy seats which were soft and padded. The milkshakes were good and all the drinks were very affordable as well as the smoke. The staff were welcoming and friendly, and the music was of good taste, it was relaxing and refreshing compared to many other coffee shops and noticeably nicer.

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