I usually stop by Johnny’s whenever I visit the Jordaan to rest my legs and my mind. The outside wicker chair seating is comfortable and enticing on warm days. The staff is very friendly. Inside it’s a bit cramped, yet cozy. The music is usually good, never at odds with the mood of the place.

Located right on the small Johnny Jordaanplein, it’s a rather pleasant location.

The shop seems popular with the locals, as they can be seen popping in on their way home after work to pick up a little “pick-me-up”. I gather they also do a decent morning business as they have early hours for a coffeeshop.

I once had an extraordinary experience here. I met god. Or so he claimed. He looked more like a genetic cross between Aqualung and Charles Manson. We had a very intense conversation, and he got too excited, and started screaming. The staff had to ask him to leave, and a few minutes later we heard him over in the urinoir on the corner yelling at the top of his lungs “fuck god” over and over…

Fortunately, that god isn’t a regular at this otherwise pleasant coffeeshop.

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  1. We stumbled upon this excellent shop..quiet by accident as it was close to where we were staying.Super…cool dutch guy serving…nice reggae vibe goin’ on, pre rolled joint made me almost explode with laughter….wicked high! coffee good and strong. Quiet small inside…however,still room to display their latest hand crafted designs(ashtrays etc.)

  2. Great local shop! The staff was great. The regulars tend to sit at the bar (kind of like Norm and Cliff) so don’t take their seats. Very friendly. I dropped in by accident and stayed for the rest of my visit.

  3. Johnny quickly became my “Cheers” when I spent a year living in Amsterdam. The owner and staff are incredibly friendly and the vibe is extremely mellow and neighborly. I miss my days spent in Johnny terribly. Do not pass it up, it is in one of the nicest parts of A’dam–and say hello to David (I hope the old guy is still there). Tell them “Hello from New York.”

  4. I Liked the look of the shop but when i entered i got a few strange looks i dont know y but i think it may have something to do with the tendency to punch myself in the face uncontrollably for several minutes.
    My buddy Metu the troll came to my rescue with his twelve foot long rope which he set on fire and proceeded to eat it accidentally.if he wasnt a Troll he would have died but look!!!HE IS!!
    About twenty minutes later there was prob a crowd of approx 254 people crowded in this little goblin infested watery kinda street like winding in motion with some kind of i dont know how to say it .flisaerf s[0dfbsrf gpsf MOTION!!
    I climbed to the top.I was the first one there.Oh how proud would my Mother be?Prob not very seeing she hates me and all but like thats another story all together,oh ha ha ha ha!!
    YES!!!!!but this time i wont ever!

  5. Best of the best, really friendly people and the quality and prices compare with the rest are the best. Open at begin of december, i am told, because of renovation.

  6. Roughly speaking, Amstrerdam has two types of coffeeshop. There are the establishments in the heart of the city which are generally of a reasonable size and are targeted for the tourist market. Unsurprisingly, the prices tend to be a bit higher in these “tourist” coffeeshops. The second kind of smoking establishment is the smaller shop, generally located nearer the outskirsts and catering for the local population. They are sometimes refered to as “neighbourhood shops”. Johnny, (small and located outwith the centre) is a fine example of such a coffeeshop, the kind of place where local Dutch people come to buy their smoke before taking it back home with them. This is not a shop which bohemian tourists come to admire Periain rugs or psychadelic mosaics of dolphins. Smokers come here to buy good value, non pretentious grass and hash, and sometimes simplicity is as good as it gets.

  7. We tripped across this place by accident while on escape from the US a few years back. The place was empty so we strolled right up to the bar and occupied all 2 stools. The dutch dude was very friendly and we sat and shot the shit with him for hours. We sampled just about everything on the menu. Before we left, we had him roll a bunch of those tight, filtered Dutch style joints. Our request was to leave out the tobacco filler, and roll it straight ‘Widow. Needless to say, we returned several times to purchase & to have him preroll all our Js. Obviously a local place due to the constant stream of locals taking it to go. Don’t forget to tip generously!

  8. Yeahh, this is what I came to Amsterdam for, a friendly little shop with a nice view of the canal that sells weed at rock bottom prices. Not far off the mark for what I was looking for. I didn’t even look for a menu, I just told him what I wanted and he hooked up some bud suited to my taste and wallet. Good for the tourist who wants to get away from the crowds.

  9. I’ve lived here for about two-three months now and Coffeeshop Johnny is definitely turning out to be my favourite coffeeshop so far. They somehow convince me more and more every time I visit. Johnny’s is a neighbourhood coffeeshop stocking only solid connoiseur class. The menu consists of about 4-5 varieties of weed and perhaps around ten (?) varieties of hash. I don’t know about the hash part but I have to say that there is something fantastically right about their green. The allround effect of all the varieties (despite their obvious, and as a menu, very tastefully balanced differences in appearance and effect) is one of rich and subtly complex simplicity, representing the universal virtues of true craftsmenship: honest good will accompanied with a healthy concept of self, crystallized in the form of pure unpretentious expertese: an earthy approach to the world of loved and controlled differences that never seize to produce good outside themselves. This is the kind of One to my liking! The White widow and Jack Herrer here are, unlike some other places, exactly what you think you should expect them to be. They also have (although unfortunately out at the moment) on their menu Superskunk, a classic for us folks that are not always looking for the strongest of the strongest of the strongest. And these guys at Johnny’s really take pride on that item. The style is all together «lo-fi»: people expecting to hear fancy adjectives related to fancy Hazes go to Greenhouse or the Tweede Kamer! These fellows express their knowledge of the industry with firm and explicit sentences: «The Bubblegum really slams your head!». Even though you are left wondering just a bit about all the details you have The Trust: you understand what they’re saying and know in your heart you will not be disappointed. Coffeeshop Johnny’s has no need to make fuss about its business; the tokers in the neighbourhood form a steady flow of happy clientele. And I’m smiling thinking about joining that group!

    Now I bet you’re a little doubtful if all this loose and disordered romantic murmur can really be backed up? My opinion: try their product and then start looking for a correlation on any level you desire. Coffeeshop Johnny makes you feel good about yourself! It is very easy and also very nice: by bringing your money to them you project yourself to all the good values that they possess and represent.

    There are a few must places for «picking up the goods» in The Dam and in my opinion Johnny’s is one of them. Their weed really does all the tricks necessary, not to forget that you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see the prices!


  10. ive been to amsterdam 4 times and i love coffee shop johnny, every time iam in the dam i always stop at johnnys once a day . in my opinion coffee shop johnny is the best in amsterdam ,for quality and the prices top class

  11. Hey my friends! I`m now in Goa in India. This is the crazy doctor from Sweden. When I was in A-dam in june this year I visited Johnnys every day for two weeks. The staff, the locals, the smoke the ambience. everything was so nice. It is a lot better when you leave the core of A-dam. There is black hasch here that blows you away, but I miss you guys at Johnnys! DrBazooka

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