Renee’s Croissants

Renee’s impressed me in the past because they WERE so amazingly consistent, but since the euro change they have become frighteningly expensive.

Recently we have had numerous complaints from readers about the rudeness of the staff, and the ever-increasing prices. Also we have been short-changed by their staff on several occassions. It seems they have new people working there almost daily. This is why their rating has dropped from 5 stars.

Unless the management of Renee’s starts to change things soon, WE RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS PLACE!

The following comments are from our original review written over a year ago.

Renee’s Croissants is delightfully “lekker,” with an assortment of pastries, bonbons, soft ice, sandwiches, donuts, pies and more.

No trip down the Damstraat is complete without a visit to Renee’s. They offer a delightful assortment of goodies. Who can resist such offerings as hearty bran muffins with raisins and nuts, their fabulously crusty baguettes, and of course, chocolate muffins.

Renee’s has seasonal offerings, some typically Dutch, that are best sampled from here. Appleflaps, in season, are a great example. I’ve never had a bad one yet from Renee’s – with just the right amount of filling so that it doesn’t gush out at first bite, and a smattering of sugar crystals on the flakiest pastry crust you’ll ever enjoy.

I could go on for hours describing every pastry they make, but I also want to mention their sandwiches. Their “belegede broodjes” are made with the usual ingredients, all freshly laid out for you to choose from, and with great breads or bagels to enclose the fillings. If they aren’t too busy (an unusual occurrence at times) they will make you a sandwich on the spot with fresh bread and whatever you want in it.

I’ve enjoyed many a great sandwich from Renee’s, while exploring Amsterdam.

I’ve also delighted lots of friends with a gift of pastries or bonbons from Renee’s.

Open seven days a week, and late at night; it’s a great place to stop after touring the town on the way home for a late-night snack.

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  1. I stayed a few blocks away on Gravenstraat and skipped breakfast at the hotel to eat at Rene’s every morning. Juice, great croissants, and good coffee. Staff was very polite and helpful.

  2. Went into the restaurant with my wife Sept 7th around 3.30 pm and asked for a cup of coffee to go. The hostess ( I believe oriental) was very very rude in taking our order. She was in a very bad mood to start off with. Afetr about 5 minutes I checked with the other hostess ( Asian looking ) about our order, she snapped back saying that since she did not take our order, we should not ask her.
    Our order did come but it was not to go. When I said it was to go, both the hostesses got stared shouting me and my wife, saying that we cannot make up our mind as to what we want and how bad we were in-communicating our order. We were very surprised at their behaviour. We even told them that we were willing to pay the extra .60 Euros they asked for putting the coffee in a cup for us to go. The hostesses went on and on accusing us of not communicating properly.
    Finally another hostess gave the coffee to us in a cup to go for 1.0 Euro. I did pay them the extra euro.When I asked to speak to the manager to complain about the hostesses behaviour, we were asked to leave and never come back. We being dark coloured do consider this event as a deliberate act of racial discrimination. All over a cup of coffee.
    Both my wife and I a doctor and an engineer live in the US, have never had this experience. Had this occured here in the US, the Govt wold take this unprecedented behaviour very seriously.
    I am in the process of lodging a complaint about the restaurant with the Tourism Department of the Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC and will also advice the Department of State.

  3. I have been to Amsterdam twice and made quite a few stops at Renee’s during both trips. I truly enjoyed their pastries. Robert really enjoyed their chocolate croissants. Mandy bought about 100 guilders worth of a variety of different pastries and the group (especially AM and myself) loved everything. Doreen & Cathy both had the ice cream which they said was very good. The service wasn’t great, but I can’t say it was really bad enough to complain about. I will be sure to revisit next time I am in Amsterdam!

  4. My hotel was across the street from Renee’s and I must tell you I had to have my Renee’s fix everyday. All the bakery items were delicious. It’s my first stop during my next trip to the city.

  5. I was ther the fist week of june. just 1 thing 2 tell great place fresh food and open till 3 am or so damn good if i am in amsterdam ill be back there i spend 200 euro´s there or somthing like that but it was mmm especially the appel turnovers

  6. AGREE, AVOID this place, 3 Euro for a dry and not fresh pain au chocolat! expensive and cheap quality pastries, obviously run by people who do not enjoy decent food

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