Located on the banks of a quiet canal, shaded by big leafy trees in summer, the Siberie is a great place to visit during your exploration of the Jordaan. Attractively decorated with comfy chairs and delightful artworks on the wall, the Siberie exudes a little class, unlike most coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

We enjoyed our visit there, to get out of a downpour one afternoon while poking around town. I was pleasantly surprised by the service, selection and coziness of the place. With huge double doors opening onto the sidewalk, the air inside is fresh and the music relaxing.

The dealer recommended some Siberian Tiger grass, which turned out to be a great suggestion. The grass was very aromatic, and dry enough to roll a pure joint, American style. I proceeded to get wasted and enjoyed the wait until the rain stopped, and then I was back on my way around town. In a very pleasant mood indeed.

I recommend the Siberie as a wonderful place for a quick visit – grab a drink and a smoke, relax to some nice music, perhaps make a new friend or two and have fun.

Brouwersgracht 11

Comments about Siberie

  • Very quiet, perfect to relax and smoke a joint. Games available. Fresh grass.


  • One of the top three in the world!!!

    Great people, great place, great experience…

  • I have been going there for years now, and have always loved it. It’s laid back, the staff are cool and informative, and I think the weed is some of the very best I’ve ever smoked. That is my meeting place for me and friends when we arrive in town.

  • Classy place…very clean…very bright…lots of ventilation! Great smoke…I sat here one night for hours with two classmates and two people I had just met…we were wasted indeed!! I was impressed, but if I wouldn’t have stayed as long if it weren’t for my classmates, as the music was driving me crazy.

  • They have a great website with fun info & a live CAM at Check it out.

  • My partner and I stumbled upon Siberie because we couldn’t find our B & B and needed to hop online to view the B & B site again…we rolled in looking like tourists in the worst way, replete with a suitcase on wheels and lost looks on our faces. No matter–the woman behind the counter was very nice, and we ended up using the internet AND buying some grass. I was a wee bit disappointed in the quality–we bought “Red bud” and it smelled odd–what I found later, however, upon overhearing a conversation between the counter woman and a Dutchman, was that there were items “off menu” (i.e. not in the display case) that were available too. Being a native has it’s perks. But all in all this is a nice place for a spot of tea and a spliff…roomy and in a lovely area of Amsterdam.

  • Stumbled upon this coffeehouse on first day in Amsterdam. Great weed at a good price and really nice location on canal. First place I ever bought legal weed.

  • I found this place on the net before visiting Amsterdam. I got talking to one of the staff via email. He informed me of things to do and things to see in Amsterdam other than sitting in coffeeshops for the duration of our stay. I had read a few reviews on the quality of their smoke. Being a failry well educated smoker I was looking for something extra special to blow me away. Needless to say I found it here. If you are an experienced smoker and can handle a huge hit then ask about their scuff that is on offer. Unlike weed or hash the scuff is 100%THC compared to even the strongest weed which is normally around 25%THC. Need I say more? Be warned, its not for the faint hearted and will bring even the most hardened smoker to their knees, just what the doctor ordered!! Enjoy.

  • The more I come here the better this place gets. its a lovely place to spend a few hours on a sunday, so peaceful here, the smokers here a little more educated and dare I say older. Chess, great live DJ tunes, internet nice staff always my last port of call before headin home to Centraal. The owners are a credit to the business.


  • Great music, ambiance and location. They have the best tea in A-dam!!! Went there multiple times, keeps getting better.

  • nice place

  • The place is tight.

  • Great place

  • 2

  • bad experience

  • Very hip place to hang and chill. Excellent smoke and variety of people. A MUST.

  • the weed staff and place are all good. but weirdos do frequent here and the staff are too nice get rid of them. good cheapish selection

  • This would be a regular hangout if I lived in the Centrum. An all around wonderful shop.
    The black female bartender was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and stuned me with insightful conversation.

  • great place ,a must to visit , 20 years of coffeeshopculture,great girls behind the bar

  • top

  • Good shop, quiet location, good selection, but a little “over-rated.” All in all, worth the trip. I did get sick of the fat american drug tourists vying for a seat in front of the web cam, but a good shop none the less.

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