Once a Gay leather bar and disco. This place was for the really brave… very INTERESTING list of events on their website.
Now Permanently closed.
Warmoesstraat 32
Amsterdam 1012
Phone: 020-624-5573

Comments about Stablemaster

  • get your facts right – this is NOT a disco (far from it)

  • 10 out of 10, i couldn’t sit down for a week!

  • go for the j/o party.
    very fun.
    very nice people that work there also.
    whatever u want!!

  • go to the jo nights….. big and small cocks…. everyone has fun.

  • The best, and safest sex party in town! A LOT of fun!!
    Don’t miss it!

  • Plenty of fun (and action) and no need to feel shy or like you have to have the ultimate body, this is a friendly kind of vibe.

  • Had one of the best nights out. Had fun sucking and being sucked off as well as lots of mutual wanking. all body types there, everyone was up for a good time. Shot at least three or four good loads.

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