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  1. RUDENESS and ARROGANCE. I have nothing nice to say. Sure they have decent weed, but so what? The bullshit attitude goes a long way to obscure the product and the product is easily found elsewhere. Not worth the visit. Not worth the time. Give their cannibis license to someone who is worthy…

  2. I’m American but have been living in Amsterdam for a while now, therefore I’ve cheeked out ALL the coffeeshops and have tried all the different varieties of weed there are. This little American coffeeshop has the BEST weed I have ever smoked. In particular, AK-47 and Grey Haze, (not on the menu but ask for it), are amazing. They you give the perfect high without any drowsy side effects. The shop itself is very small. There are about 3 tables with 4 chairs each and a small bar with a few stool. The walls are covered with all sort of really cool stickers that will keep you occupied for a good hour. The guys that work there are REALLY friendly. They are totally up for sitting and chatting, giving you tips on Amsterdam, showing you how to roll a proper Dutch joint and giving advice on “other” not so legal activities. They have a great selection of water pipes that you are free to use. Most of them even have sliders instead of carbs, (which is a rarety in Europe). Go! You won’t regret it. Another perk: tight next door there is a cafe called “Foodism” which has the best bagels. pastas, and Panini EVER!!!!!

  3. Excellent Weed and excellent service! John is cool as hell, and the place, although small, exhuded an ambiance that makes it ideal for a drop-in, chill smoke! Prices and quality are very good, and the selection of bongs is the best in the ‘Dam!

  4. yes this place had the freshest weed in the dam! it’s a notch above barney’s. the dealer even let me stick my big nose in the weed cannisters….is that how u spell it? yummy! this is quality plain and simple.

  5. Its too small, it has uncomfortable chairs, the music is nothing special, there is no fancy food, 5 people and its full, and its the one coffeeshop I head for every time I visit the Dam!, the bud is EXCELLENT (DoubleBubblegum = :-)) they have a great website https://www.greyarea.nl and John is well friendly! despite the accents they are both American, please do visit! you will not regret!

  6. i was visiting dam in sep 03. the coffeshop is very small but weed is EXELLENT!!!! althoug i’m regular weed smoka i get so high, it was just amazing. i have smoked white widow, real fine taste and the high ..boooahhh!

  7. Great little hole-in-the-wall shop.People were very friendly.Felt bad for the girl that had her bike swiped. Good prices for an excellent quality. Double-bubble blew me away

  8. great place, known for quality and value…run by americans who were sweet and helpful towards this weary tourist. offer u.s. style 1/8’s and joints with no nasty tobacco added .small space, limited hours, but worth the wait!

  9. Tiny place with the best weed in town. The Keef is incredible and a great value. Buy your weed here and save time and money. The people who run it are the nicest.

  10. yes the smoke is as good as you will find. but only 5 or 6 people can sit inside at a time. the people sitting inside think they hit the jackpot…acting over conscious about having the table. this place don’t shake it’s weed…..just virgin pure herb. place was hard to find….kept passing it or something. didn’t like the american dealer inside….think i was jealous of him. lots of photos on walls of celebrities who scored here.(willie nelson,snoop dog,etc) yup, get the weed or hash and go back to your hotel room and spark up.

  11. Just all good……. KILLER weed
    KILLER keef (u gotta try)
    KILLER hash
    KILLER tunes
    no attitude…..
    Nothing but to say CHIEFS…

  12. Nice shop, excellent selection and quality, and a fine selection of tools to use (free of charge) so you are not stuck with simply a joint.

  13. Good quality shit here folks, I brought some Yellow Cab, excellent taste, very good high. The shop it’s self is quite small so I only use this place for take out. Geezer behind the counter was friendly. Again excellent smoke.

  14. I come to Amsterdam every couple of months and always pay a visit to the Grey Area. Aside from having the best weed hands down, you can smoke out of good ol American blown-glass bongs which is a nice change after the 600 million joints you’ve been smoking everywhere else. If you can find the Grey Area (it’s strategicly located outside the normal tourist’s stomping grounds) I highly recommend it…

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