The Old Indian

This is THE PLACE to look for a pipe. The Old Indian specializes in pipes and the place seems to have the largest selection in Holland, with every kind of pipe you can think of. I’ve spent hours trying to decide and the helpful staff will make your search easier.

They also carry a selection of cannabis books, seeds, clothes and the usual paraphernalia.

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Comments about The Old Indian

  • Amsterdam’s biggest collection of headsupplies ,
    they represent a dozen or so seedbanks, friendly and helpfull staff , the shops are close to the Nieuwmarkt and at the end of the Damstreet(near Kloveniersburgwal)
    Sure a place to visit!

  • very good shop, i can recommend,
    Tom ,Sweden

  • best selections, best deals in town.

  • never seen such a collection of pipes and bongs.
    A must see! White Widow seeds they sell are really
    best i’ve ever grown,super!

  • This is the best bong shop I have ever seen.

  • It’s not expensive here ( I saved lots compared to my local store for same items), though you would be advised to take lots of money for all those gifts you are going to want to buy.
    We went there looked around, went to other shops to compare the prices, then headed straight back here to make our purchases.

  • can i order by mail?

  • Super shop bigggggg selection bongs , seeds, good prices compared to others.

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