I already knew that Belgian chocolates, as fine as they are, are equalled if not surpassed by Dutch chocolate. I first became addicted to Dutch chocolate when some friends from Breda took us to their favorite chocolatier which happens to be around the corner from them. Another friend told us about Puccini, right here in Amsterdam, so I finally went by to see what all the fuss was.

I was glad I did! I’ve never tasted such fine chocolate in my life! All the bonbons were fresh, creamy smooth, and so flavorful. While their selection isn’t huge, each choice is meticulously made with the finest natural ingredients and a 70% cacao content. Many of their bonbons contain fine liquors like cognac, grand marnier or amaretto.

Discover this well-kept local secret for yourself! Puccini has two locations, and at the Staalstraat shop, you can see them make the bonbons through a window. On the Staalstraat you can also enjoy a coffee and some fabulous chocolate desserts at their cafe…

The other location is at Singel 184
Phone: 020 427 8341

The Old Indian

This is THE PLACE to look for a pipe. The Old Indian specializes in pipes and the place seems to have the largest selection in Holland, with every kind of pipe you can think of. I’ve spent hours trying to decide and the helpful staff will make your search easier.

They also carry a selection of cannabis books, seeds, clothes and the usual paraphernalia.

Media Markt

This huge two-story megastore located by the Amsterdam Arena has just about everything electronic you could desire. Probably the best selection of stereo equipment in the city, plus TVs, computers, printers, phones, car stereos, major appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, small kitchen appliances and much more.

Good prices and excellent selection make this the place to get those things you really need. They take credit cards, but returning items is quite an experience, as you must go to another entrance, wait in line in a very small room, and then, rather than just refunding your money or offering a replacement, you pretty much must prove that the item is defective or they won’t give you a refund! And yes, they’ll make you take it out of the box and plug it in if necessary and they have workbenches in the back to test it out too…

Convenient access via the metro, Bijlmer station. Or you can park in the Arena parking lot (one of the cheapest in the city).

Conscious Dreams – Kokopeli

Smart shop on the Warmoesstraat with lots of open airy space. Displays of San Pedro cactus with Peyote grafted onto them is interesting, as well as lots of books and information for the shaman in all of us. Of course mushrooms and herbal preparations for your head are the order of the day here. They offer a neat chill space in the back of the shop, overlooking the old inner harbor of Amsterdam, and the canal tour boats docked there. I’m curious about the “brain machine” they have back there, I’ll have to go visit again… They have two other locations in Amsterdam as well.

Albert Cuyp Markt

Iconic street market since 1905 with lots of stands selling clothing, local foods, flowers & more.

This wonderful outdoor market stretches for about half a mile down the Albert Cuypstraat. Stalls sell everything from veggies, cheese and fish to cosmetics, clothes and bedding. Some of the best deals in Amsterdam can be found here. It can get very crowded on certain days and times.

The whole area including the Ferdinand Bolstraat and Ceintuurbaan has many interesting shops with good deals on furniture, computers, bagels, haircuts, and lots more!

Open Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.

Pollinator Company

The Pollinator has moved again! (Grasweg 41D, 1031 HW Amsterdam, Netherlands) Now across the Ij from the old side of Amsterdam, see the map below for directions. Here is THE place that stocks gadgets to make your pot harvesting easier and more profitable. This is the place that makes and sells the famous Pollinator which separates tricomes from leaves and makes hashish!

Plus Mila is a real trip to meet! If she’s not around at the moment, one of her many kids will be glad to help you with anything.

Mila also sells the Ice-o-lator, a bag/screen system that uses ice water to separate those tricky tricomes, and ONLY the tricomes from grass. The resulting hash is the cleanest and purest around. If you come for a visit you can check out some amazing tools like “The Clipper,” which offers an easy way to manicure your harvest; the Pollinators that can process kilos of grass at a time; and lots more including a HUGE selection of grow books, and psychedelic cacti.

The large space is well stocked with everything from hash presses, to seed cleaner, hemp drinks and food, hemp snowboards, rare hallucinogens, ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, smoking accessories, smart products and live plants.

Have a chat with Mila and you’ll come away far wiser and more knowledgeable about the delightful world of hemp.