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  1. I went here once to buy some hash and read a good book for a couple of hours. I had no idea it was a gay place and it never occurred to me all the time I was there. It’s a really friendly place and I recommend it to anyone – gay or straight.

  2. Good quality grass but the staff are quite rude & unfriendly. The prices are outrageously high also & the clientele seems to be quite posey. Good if you are in the clique but the last place on earth to go as a tourist

  3. I went here the first night I was in Amsterdam. I didn’t know at the time it was a gay place, but it matters little.

    The seating area has a very relaxing light and airy feel to it, the staff are polite and efficient and the grass is very good. The counter staff seemed friendly and knowledgable, not only about the grass, but about other places to stay or visit.

    The only slight grumble I have about this coffeeshop is that it is too small.

    Recommended for gay or straight people.

  4. I was there 2 weeks ago. The staff were kind with
    us, and pay us 2 drinks (my girlfriend and me :))
    We taste Cristal bud, and it was very nice
    Night staff was more kind than morning…

  5. Nice and cozy and the people are really great.

    One place that does suck as far as service goes is the Grasshopper…the people were rude and curt and really really unfriendly.

  6. Walked into this place at 1:00, ordered a coffee, rolled a blunt with weed bought at the Grey Area (Grey Mist) and proceeded to jam out to Moby, people watch, and enjoy the company of two wonderful Austrians. The Otherside is a lovely place to hang out, and it’s always got a colorful mix of people–straight, queer and in between. Little pretension. Club music vibe, and from what I hear, decent buds.

  7. This is an outstanding coffeeshop. The people are quite friendly and the service is excellent. I had a cup of really good tea and my friend loved getting stoned there.

    One of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam!

  8. didn’t even know it was a gay shop. This was the first shop I visited at 10 in the morning. Met some cool guy from australia, got stoned out of my mind, and went to van Gogh. I guess I should have figured I was on a gay street……..look at the painting on the wall on the opposite side of a street. If you see a guy shoving a metal post up his ass, you’re there! Good place to start out, try jack herer or white russian


  9. First coffeeshop we went in. Didin’t realise it was a gay hangout but after a few smokes it suddenly all came crashing into place. Small place and the choice of weed is limited and not the cheapest we saw but was chilled.

  10. bad experience here dude! didn’t realize it was all fags. was stoned out of my mind when some gay englisman asked me to go to his room. i freaked and cursed him out loudly with a hint of very potential violence. was told to get out or cops will be called. i threw my mediocre weed that they sold me on the counter and screamed that i don’t want to be the first guy to get aids from smoking weed handled by homosexuals. spent the rest of nite ducking street corners thinking cops are looking for me.

  11. This is place is trippy if you dont know it is a gay bar before you go in. Please make sure you want to go in there first. we went in and didnt realise that it was gay. until we saw a gay magazine sitting on the table. me and my friends then started to look around the shop and all we could see was gay posters and the bar man flirting with my mate. so we just cained the spliffs that we had going and got the hell out of there. (When we look back on it we rewalise how funny it was)

  12. Me and my best buddy Bozo got completely White-Widowed out of our tinies in this in this exceptionally good little ole Coffeeshop. Thank goodness for the 2 rocking chairs thoughtfully placed outside, where we remained transfixed for 2 very happy hours. Great music, great coffee and that Widow still calls to me on these long winter evenings – A MUST, KIDS!!!

  13. been there on me birthday and it was an unforgettable experience, it was really great. the atmosphere was wonderful, nice cheerful people, good music and a great service.

  14. My first visit to Amsterdam led us to this place, we didnt know that this was a gay coffeeshop, not that it was important. Staff were very friendly and helpful and even took time to answer our questions and give advice on the weed. We had a great time then it was spoiled by a French bloke trying to chat us up, so we made a very quick exit outta there !

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