Sarl Castafiore

Sarl Castafiore sits tiny in its charming spot on l’Ile St. Louis. No overdone decor, condescending wait staff. Just sponged peach walls and Ed. He does everything to welcome you. For 16 years, I have made this restaurant my private dining room in Paris. With friends or alone, it has always drawn me back.

The pastas are supreme. Sauces to dream of the rest of the year. And intimate and welcoming. The Tiramisu is rated 9 on a worldwide tiramisu website rating but 10 by me. Explore Sarl Castafiore when you want to feel at home and eat wonderful food. Not to be compared with any other restaurant. Unique and I will always return there. More than once in a trip.

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  1. A “10” overall, and I’m a frequenter of great restaurants and wine establishments. This has to be one of the best dinners I’ve had. The food was a “10”, the tiramisu was an “11”.

    Ile St. Louis was a short walk from our hotel near Place Des Voges, so we went hunting for a restaurant and walked into La Castafiore by chance. It looked inviting, and we were right.

    Friendly service, excellent atmosphere, great food, super Tiramisu… Please check out this restaurant if you are in the area. We had a wonderful discussion with our waiter who I believe is also the owner. He really made it a great meal, was friendly, and made us feel at home. We left almost in disbelief. I wish this restaurant was in my own neighborhood because I’d eat there weekly.

    There are endless choices for eating in Paris, but make this one of the first. I’ll be back, that’s for sure.

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