Totnes is a small market town nestled at the mouth of the beautiful river Dart surrounded by the green hills of the South Hams in Devon. New Age happened here before it hit most other places, and although time has taken its toll and the pace of the place has changed, it still remains a magnet for artists, musicians, healers, pagans, witches and searchers. If you want to pay a visit make sure you come on a Friday or Saturday – market days – when the whole place comes alive…and more so in spring and summer. Vegetarian restaurants galore, vintage/retro clothes shops, organic health food shops, colourful cafes to lose track of time in…..and from spring to the end of summer pay a visit to the castle at the top of the hill.

Totnes may be small, but its the magic of the place that counts, and I’m sure you’ll feel it. Walk along the river towards Dartington and you’ll arrive at Dartington Hall, a college for the arts set in a beautiful green valley, and where Ravi Shankar came to study dance as a boy. Further on you’ll get to the Dartington Cider Press, a centre selling local crafts such as hand-blown glass and pottery, with adjoining Crank’s cafe, serving great veggie food.

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  1. I am quite conforted by this review because i love countryside but i have been living in london for five years and going to do a degree in dance at dartington so i’m excited but still i would like to have some more details about Totnes; my email address is, thank you in advance, cheers’n’stay hippy!

  2. Having worked in Totnes for some time I think the review is quite accurate but in addition to what has been said is that the rarety value of places like this especially in Devon more than makes up for the few faults it may have. Visit Totnes it’s a gas!

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