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  1. Nyack is awesome. I live here and it is the ideal town. Only 20 miles from downtown manhattan and on the foothills of the catskill mountains. It is right on the hudson river with nothing but open-minded chill people. pot is plentiful in nyack and for a larger town, the police do not bother you. There is a fairly ghetto section of nyack but the people there are very well behaved and respectful for the most part

  2. I found the recent comment about the inhabitants of the “ghetto section” of Nyack being “well-behaved and respectful for the most part” to be EXTREMELY offensive. As someone who was raised in Nyack, it is upsetting to me that a fellow Nyacker would refer to the minority populations in such a blatantly disrespectful and belittleing manner. Think about the implications of what you are saying, “well-behaved” is a phrase used to describe children. I am so incensed that I don’t know what else to say politely, so, in order to be well-behaved and respectful, I will leave it at that.

  3. IN RE: to Maggie’s offfense—I believe that the person that posted that ghetto coment was reffering to children. I’ve lived in Nyack and have gone to school in NYack with these kids and agree with that statement. To take offense so easily speaks volumes about a person. Relax there are much bigger battles in life to step too.

  4. I agree with Maggie those comments are offensive. Wise1 you should change your name. I’m not saying everyone needs to be PC all the time, but the writer’s background puts them in a place where they feel it’s important to let everyone know that the less fortunate are not to be feared in Nyack. As a rule of thumb if you’re writing something then turn it around as if you’re reading those same word about yourself or your surroundings and it bothers you, you should rewrite it, because it will bother some one else.

  5. I grew up in Nyack in the 60’s and 70’s and ran ran ran to get out. It is impossible for me to believe that Nyack is hip in any way. Back in the 60’s it was the place not to be from. Seeing it now it is a beautiful town and quite different than the place it was.

  6. Rosie was here, left, came back. While originally here, her paranoia caused her to ruin one of the more beautiful homes in town, Pretty Penny, which was the lifelong residence of actress Helen Hayes. She ran her fat mouth on national television about how much she loved Nyack, and then got annoyed when her idiot fans started flocking to town to try and find her. So she left, then snuck back into town 2 years later. This time she had a nice little riverside park at the end of her street removed, on the premise that it would affect her privacy and the security of her “family”. She’s earned a reputation amongst the local waitpersons and bartenders as a real pain in the ass and a lousy tipper. Most residents can’t wait for her to leave again.

    On the other hand, director Jonathan Demme, Bill Murray, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, U2’s Larry Mullen, Margot Kidder and a host of other celebrities live here or nearby, in relative anonymity, and don’t annoy anybody.

    Nyack’s a great town. Come visit. But if you see that fat bitch in town, cross the street.

  7. I honestly live 10 mins from Nyack, Im from Teaneck NJ, Nyacks an awesome place to experience, but i also have many friends from nyack, and from what i hear living there might get alittle boring, theres not that much to do compared to, say, Manhattan right across the river…and if there was any reason to move to Nyack, it would be because Bjork lives in Nyack

  8. and by the way, i find the more “privileged” population of Nyack to be more disrespectful and poorly behaived, anyone from Nyack can support that claim, the preppie and psuedo-psychedelic crowd tends to be extremely elitist and headstrong.

  9. Ive lived in nyack since 1946- weve had our ups and downs especially in the 60s for those of us who knew it when it was a little village it is a major pain to have to thread your way through those spandexed bikers down at the runcible spoon – and dont get me started on the street fairs that tie things up – having said that nyack is my home – i went to st anns school – lived for a brief time in nyc — by the way rosie o donnell DOES live there and everything elmo said about her is true –

  10. I grew up and still live relatively near the “ghetto ” section youre referring to – since 1946 its been that way – the issue is NOT the people – its the drug corner there on franklyn and depew — they sell right out in front of the head start – as many times as the police try to intervene they get flack — some things never change

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