A hundred lifetimes is not enough to absorb the culture, the land and the people of this amazing country. Many a seeker has found nirvana here. Goa is one of many places where hippies congregate. Other groovy places are Kerala State in the south, full of canals, Rajastan, deserts and forts, Benares if you want to get holy, the foothills of the Himalayas to get high on the mountains and charas.

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  1. its beautiful!!!
    trance scene is BOOM!!……raves in goa,on the deserts of rajasthan, in the forts at Hampi…..wonderful happy vibes everywhere…(charas is part of the culture).travellers of the world gather here.

  2. sorry i just had to say smoking charas or hash is not part of indian culture. it is considered a vice by any decent indian. this ties in with the unfortunate fact that most hippies who go there usually only see what they want to, like raves in goa and smoking charas. if you want to know what the cause of those “good vibes” is, you’ll have to look deeper.

  3. Hey ‘Hi’: You’re full of cowdung Baba. May Shiva bless your fanatical soul and bathe your wounds in sweet herbal streams. YOUR vice betrays itself-self righteousness disguised as holiness! “Decent” indeed! We’re “hippies’ because we can see through the Maya inhherent in your so-called philosophy. Patronizing platitudes will never convert us hippie dudes.

  4. booM! babas. charas is a part of indian culture. true that decent indians dont consider it a part of the culture, but that is all the propaganda speaking, not the culture. happy days brothers, Peace Love Unity Respect.

  5. From what I understand about Indian “culture,” it’s so diverse that for anything you say about it, the opposite is also true. Yes, charas is a part of the culture, in the sense that its use by wandering holy men has long been tolerated. No one in the Western Hemisphere even used cannabis before the mid-19th century (or thereabouts), when rural Indian immigrants brought it with them to British colonies in the Caribbean. From there it spread to the Jamaicans, the Mexicans, the African-Americans, and so forth. No, I can’t imagine any modern, educated Indian smoking hashish; paradoxically, the history of cannabis in India may make it seem less attractive to the average Indian! Because of this, I would conclude that Indians probably have a more realistic attitude towards cannabis (and its shortcomings) than the average American stoner.

  6. Ask the wise men when your’re in doubt…

    Once when it all dies, then there’s only the soul that remains….
    Waking up somewhere brighter, green and fresh,..
    Then you look to see all is light and all is white…
    Set right now, journey ur body and mind
    Thanks for Life and Thanks for Freedom…


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