Hip Guide to India

Hip Guide to India
India is so vast it is considered a sub-continent, with 1.2 billion people it is the second largest country in the world after China. Located in south Asia, India ranges from the lush tropics in the south, to the Himalaya mountains in the north. The culture of India is fascinating and dates back more than 30,000 years. India is the seat four major religions, Hindusim, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. There are also Zoroastrians, Christians and Muslims to be found here. From stunning architecture such as the Taj Mahal to the incredible number of films produced in Bollywood, India is amazing and a marvelous place to visit.Whether you come for a quick visit or extended tour, you will find a wealth of information about destinations here. The Hip Guide to India offers the highlights of the country, and contains many tips for making your stay here more rewarding.The Hip Guide to India is your source for hotel reservations, tourist information, events, reviews, shopping and much more. Don’t forget to visit our India Photo Gallery! Bookmark this site, and visit whenever you need to find out what’s happening in India.THIS SITE IS INTERACTIVE! You can participate by adding your own reviews, comments, stories or event listings. Don’t forget to tell your friends about us!

Rajasthan Tour

This is a trip report about India. My wife and I just returned from a month trip to Rajasthan and loved every minute of it. It was our dream to be there at least once but finally we found this country so different and interesting to come back again some time.

We start our trip from Delhi then by train to Amritsar ( Golden temple) our driver was waiting for us there at the train station, next destination was Bikaner by car – Jaisalmer ( Thar desert) – jodhpur – Luni – Ranakpur beautiful Jain temples – Udaipur – Khempur… Continue reading


A hundred lifetimes is not enough to absorb the culture, the land and the people of this amazing country. Many a seeker has found nirvana here. Goa is one of many places where hippies congregate. Other groovy places are Kerala State in the south, full of canals, Rajastan, deserts and forts, Benares if you want to get holy, the foothills of the Himalayas to get high on the mountains and charas.

India Map

Explore India with this handy interactive map. Double-click to zoom in, and click and drag to move it around. You can change the view from terrain to a street map or a satellite view of the area you are interested in.

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Telephone and Internet Access in India

The country code for India is 91. India is then divided into area codes, known locally as STD codes. See individual city guides for the area codes.


In acronym-happy India, a phone booth is known as a PCO (Public Call Office) and they usually offer STD/ISD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing/International Subscriber Dialing), or national and international long distance respectively. These are usually staffed, and you dial yourself but pay to the attendant after the call is over. Metering is done per pulse and a service charge of Rs 2 is added to the bill. Larger cities also have… Continue reading

Staying Healthy in India

Going to India, you have to adapt to a new climate and new food. Most travellers to India will become at least slightly ill during their stay there – even Indians returning from abroad. However, with precautions the chance and severity of any illness can be minimized. Don’t stress yourself too much at the beginning of your journey to allow your body to acclimatize to the country. For example, take a day of rest upon arrival, at least on your first visit. Many travellers get ill for wanting to do too much in too little time. Be careful with spicy… Continue reading
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