Cadiz lies at the end of a peninsula, surrounded by the Mediterranean. It’s a friendly town, with a lot of moorish influence. Cadiz was founded by the Phoencians, as a trading post around 1100 BC, and its strategic location led to many battles to control the town.


Nowadays it’s a very relaxed place to stroll about. I recommend the walk around the perimeter of the city along the seawall. There you’ll find a few parks and lovely vistas.

Three Kings day is celebrated throughout Spain, but Cadiz does a wonderful job. Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves there, on the eve before, not realizing it was such a big holiday.

As the sun set, we were right in the middle of the festivities, much to our delight! The whole town was involved in the celebration, and the parade was fun. Richly costumed children and adults tossed candy from gaily decorated floats, as other kids and adults tried to catch them or scooped them up from the street. They were quite tasty!

But I understand the real big party comes in Februrary or March with the annual Cadiz Carnival. The whole city goes nuts on Shrove Tuesday which occurs on March 4th 2003, February 24th 2004, February 8th 2005, February 28th 2006.

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