Ashland, Wisconsin

It’s a small town of about 8,000 people. There’s an Environmental Liberal Arts college there called Northland College. There’s also a vegan coffeehouse called The BlackCat that is totally vegan and it’s like the best environment for poetry and reading, or homework even-plus great organic food. Right next door there’s a natural food co-op. All the college students are way nice and there are no cliques. It’s like one huge family there.

They have this community program with “Sunshine Bikes.” It’s to stop pollution and all and give people a better taste of community and sharing. It’s a great place that has changed my life and it could for others!

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  • I’ve heard of this site for a few years, but never took the time to look at it. Well, since we’re all telling stories, here’s mine.
    I’m a senior at Northland this year. It makes me so sad to think of leaving this place. I think I’ll stick around for awhile longer. I work at the Black Cat and it’s not even entirely vegitarian, we do serve white fish soup on Thursdays. I guess Honore has a Catholic definition of meat. Anyone go to Queeb this year! Oh my, it was amazing. On Madeline Island, 60 degree weather, no rain (except Sunday morning), peak fall colors, and all the schrooms, acid, weed, or whatever floats your boat, that you can handle. It was a good one for my last Queeb as a student. The big 25! Happy Birthday Floyd!
    Ashland in general is an amazing place. I agree, a little conflicted, but generally a small town feel where you can talk to anyone. The bar tenders at the DeepWater will listen to your every word and pour your favorite drink before you even sit at the bar. I love you Tina, James, and Amy!

    P.S. The Sackinator’s Little Bro is a Freshman this year and he looks just like the original, what a trip!
    From your favorite little town in the Northwoods

  • i went to the Black cat and it was pretty chilll…Ashland is way up North by Lake Superior….also in ashland they have a pretty badass Music store and a really shaweet hippy shop they have alot of cool shit…Ashland is a nice little place i recommend vistiting the black Cat at least once..

  • I’m moving out soon… and I wnat to go to a place with good people… just down to earth, do their own thing kinda people… people to chill with and not give a care about anything in the world. preferable kinda on the warmer side, at least compaired to ohio.
    where re these places?

  • Floyd E. Queeb is alive and well! Every year on October 28th hundreds of Queebians gather outdoors to have a bon fire, sing, dance, party, eat, play music, and socialize all in the name of Floyd!
    If you are ever within 100 miles of Ashland Wisconsin on 10/28 be sure to find out where Queeb is being held. The location changes almost every year!!

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