Boone, North Carolina

Nestled in the blue ridge parkway, it is a quiet mountain town full of peace, love and hemp. A wonderful place for hippies to go.not only do they have great nugs there but they also get some off the wall trip.its also very peaceful and u dont have to worry bout the police. 🙂

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  • I don’t really have a comment. I have a question. Are there affordable small farmhouses/ cottages around for a single (real) hippie lady who wants a garden and animals etc.???? I would appreciate some input. Perhaps a publication or a landlord or company. By the way I just want to rent.


  • hippies suck.

    my brother’s a cop- thanks for the info. see you soon…

    the cops

  • Boone , like anywhere else has changed …. and has gotten more expensive … . I have lived there several times in the past twenty five years … . It will always be one of my favorite places … in the United States …. .

  • i’m psyched – i’ll be going to app state in the fall, and i couldn’t wish for a better place for me to be.
    i fell in love with boone instantly (i live further east in NC…way more bible belt. way more close minded) and boone was just pure heaven.

  • I have been threw Boone once and I loved it. I am thinking about moving there. I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I was hoping that someone one out there could give me some good leads on jobs in education, or resturants, and what the housing market is like in Boone. Thanks everyone out there for effort

  • hey fellow hippie friends……i live in spring lake north carolina and wondering if theres amy hipppies around here…other than me and my husband…….if anyone knows anything please keep me informed

  • I live in Cheraw SC is there any hippies here? please I just moved here and everyone here seems to be haters. or the same on myspace

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