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Austin, Texas

“Austin has the second largest vegetarian population in the nation….along with some great scenery here in the hill country. People should check it out. My older brother lives there, and works as a chef. Almost every night we get 2 or 3 bucks from each of his roommates, head up to Central Market and get tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. – and have a giant veggie-kabob for dinner. It feeds everyone and also provides for a great way to get together at night in the backyard and just hang out. Barton Creek Park is another great hangout – it’s… Continue reading


Hey, there are more than Mormons in Utah! Check out Moab sometime, you’ll find plenty of hippies there! Sugarhouse is like a little hippie commune! Every Sunday people of all ages to go Liberty Park for the drum circle. People sell homemade smoking accesories, hippie clothes and hemp jewelry!

Burlington, Vermont

“on Church Street is the coolest place to be. There’s varieties of people including hippies, mostly new hippies. There’s also a restaurant type place off Church Street called Necters, which is where all the bands eat when they come to play down the street at Club Toast. Necters serves the most addicting gravy fries you will ever eat. Bands such as Phish, Belizbeha, and tons of others eat there. There’s also really cool places to shop, and there’s a green which is the hippies grassy knoll.”

Update:”Just wanna let you folks know about Burlington. Nectars is spelled with an ‘a’… Continue reading

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