Denton, Texas

I recently moved here for school and was VERY pleased to find that there is a huge music scene here where a lot of fun-loving hippie types gather to have a good time. Everyone here that I have met are just great any hippie would feel at home

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  • Yo, I’m from funkytown, a stone’s throw away.
    I love Denton. Sure, there are lots of yuppies and frat types, but for the most part, it’s just a cool laid-back town. If you stay near the central part of town you can avoid most of the hyper-materialism.
    If you’re ever there, check out Voyager’s Dream on Hickory St at the corner of Fry next door to the print shop. Awesome shtuff…check it out.

  • I havnet spent alot of time there, it seems generally nice. My mom drags me along to see family(i live in tyler where the hippie fad is reasonablly bad). There is an awsome shop called Voyagers dream. Could spend hours. Mainly playin didge. And you can smell it from across the street.yum nag champa. Its right across from the university. Later

  • Holy shit, that’s a harsh review of Dallas man. Although, denton is a huge mix of annoying frat boys and a bunch of fucking vegetarian miltitant feminist hippies. Yes, I hate starbucks too, but i hate all you alternagoth bastards that try to act different just to fit in as well. And maybe I’m just retarded, but there aren’t many frat boys in dallas, in fact I haven’t found any really in my years of hanging out around the area. It’s mostly drug addicts and young professionals.

  • I have to agree that dallas is the center of hell but that is just because of the way people act in dallas.. Plus you can find some frat boys if you lie on greenville.

  • Denton is the coolest place I have ever lived. It is small and always something to do. There are some frats,but not many. It is primarily an art and music school. If you are in to real indy music not alterna grap you will find alot of bands that only hit london, new york , tokyo, san fran will actually play at rubber gloves. And for the guys girls out number guys something like 6 to 1. Given alot are feminist, but that just means to me they dont like stupid crap like flowers. Also you will find there are alot of good local bands that stayed after finishing school or teach music, such as sub oslo and brave combo. Where else can you find keg parties with freeform jazz.

  • I’ve lived in Denton all my life and I never want to move. Sure, there are the yuppie-frat types, but don’t all college towns? Besides, it’s much better than a lot of towns in the area, believe me, and it’s not too hard to steer clear of them if you stay around Fry & Hickory St. over by UNT (not to be confused with TWU! They’re both in Denton), although there are wonderful people everywhere, you just have to keep an eye out for them. They have the cool shops, such as Voyager’s Dream and Voertman’s (both over-priced, but fun to hang around!) and the sandwich place, Jimmy John’s, and the pizza place, The Tomatoe. Rubber Glove is pretty awesome, as I’ve heard, but I’m too young to go (heehee). Also, if you like theatre arts, like me, the Campus Theater on Hickory is awesome, it’s like my second home. And, if you go to the Golden Triangle Mall (I know, I know, but listen), there is a really awesome shop called Museum Earth. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have always gotten a positive vibe here, and it’s not all that bad, and I’m not going to let anyone bash my home town!!! LOL, peace y’all.

  • Hey, maybe you guys can help me out with something music-related to Denton. When was I living in Wichita Falls back in like 1993 (over a decade ago? GOOD GOD, MAN!!!), I went with some friends of mine to a club/bar/hippy-place called (I think) 721 (if that’s wrong, please forgive me). There was a band there that night that played Parliment-type funk, and they had this OUTRAGEOUS, skinny, white-kid that was all pimped out. He was a total fireball!!! I know they were from Denton. I couldn’t get their name right – I heard someone say “Denton Allstars”, at one point – but I did manage to get a copy of a tape that they were throwing into the audience. The tape label read “Whitey Funk For Free” (was the name “Whitey” or “Whitey Funk”?) and featured a couple of standout tracks (“El Camino” comes to mind now). Obviously, that tape has gone bad over the past ten-odd years – much to my chagrin. Anyway, long story short, I totally loved those guys – even if I never got the name right. Does anyone know who these guys are? What ever happened to them? Did they ever put anything else out? Where I could find anything that exists by them? Dude, if anyone could help me out, I’d be totally indebted.

    Oh, and sorry I don’t know much about Denton…but a hippy-town can’t be all bad, now can it? Late!!!

  • Hell yeah, Denton is the place! Want to hear some more live music in Denton and say thanks to a young man just returning from Iraq? Feb. 21st at Dan’s Silverleaf from 1-5 PM. Homecoming party for Dyrick Rainey, a Denton Resident just back from Iraq. Live music provided by The Steve Stone Band (Dyricks dad is the drummer) and Dusk Til Dawn. Cash bar and free snacks. Yall come check it out!!!!!!!!

  • The band Whitey was formed in Denton in the early 90’s, the brain child of Corey Korn while playing in another Denton band called the Cowtippers. The original name was to be Kill Whitey (an ironic twist on a (mostly) white funk band), but Corey thought it might be too extreme and shortened it to Whitey.

    I was an original member in the group on Trumpet, and again later on playing guitar and background vocals. Other members I can remember include Chris Veon (sp?) lead vocals. David Willingham played guitar, Thad Scott on Sax (Now in Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes), Toby Sheets on drums, and Eric Hansen later on drums. As for others, it has been so long I can’t remember last names. Those braincells are gone. As well, there were probably 30 different people in the band over time.

    There are still some of those tapes around, though I don’t have any. Good luck.

  • bush sucks ass

  • Will somebody email the most current hang out spots in Denton …

  • email me at
    I need/want to meet some new hippy folk .. and some new agers

  • Denton is a pretty dope place. Unfortunately, it’s becoming so commercialized that it’s beginning to look like Lewisville or a cheap version of Plano or something. I’m not sure why everyone is hung up on classifying it as fratty or hippy. Truth is, if you drive two minutes away from UNT, any direction, Denton loses both of those characterizations quickly. Having grown up there, it’s easy to see why people who have only visited wouldn’t think highly of it. The hype about the music scene is well deserved. The city just breeds a culture of music and the arts. For such a small city, there is a hell of a lot of public interest in (and funding of) the arts. There are tons of dope, hole in the wall art galleries, as well as the Greater Denton Arts Council, which has attracted such exhibitions as Ansel Adams and Chagall — to Denton of all places. Music bright spots are Dan’s Silverleaf, Rubber Gloves, Hailey’s, UNT Jazz, and there are others. There is also a really fun, but sometimes hard to find, hip hop scene budding there. The bar scene is interesting, especially for me, having grown up there, but no longer a permanent resident. Some bars on Fry are exclusively fratty, and others appeal to a healthy, broad mix of people.

  • denton’s not so bad…u get used to it…the longer you’re here…i gotta say though, voyagers is the coolest shop in denton. it was the first store i went in and now that i work there, it’s like a second home to me. i have my qualms and doubts about denton, sometimes it’s a little snobby for me, but it needs good people and good vibes. don’t let it be overun by the bible belters guys!

  • older hippy (40) looking for other starving artist to chill with. GLBT welcome.

  • Are you kidding? Denton is a friggin hippie haven? The only thing that I’ve seen are this area that is even close to a “hippie” is fucking tweakers, aint nothing “hip” about Meth. Thanks for the newsflash, I’ll stay here in civilization, aka Flower Mound, we have a minimum of white trash Bush Bashers, and they will not be able to afford to stay here long…WOO HOO


  • Denton Texas is underrated. I thought Austin had the lockdown on indie-hippie cool for Texas.

    well i just moved here and i would like to get in touch with someone who is a denton veteren in the area who would like to give me the experienced 411 on this town… because i am enamoured by it.

  • hey guys im not at all into the hippi thing, i dont smoke pod, i dont even share have af the activities you’ll talking about, but the true is, this town is huge for arts and music, thats a true fact but like somebody mention already if you walk out of UNT campus two miles this town is gone, is pretty sad. The other day i went to haileys to listen this band from austin call noise revival orchestra, 20 people stay for the show and they dont suck at all, they actually pretty good, what happen with all the people whos involved in arts, who knows, they were probably smoking pod on the hood with some crackwhores. This town is growing a lot in the past 4 years and now this new project to develop on fry street is going to change everything, we are going to have gap on the corner, well in a lot of ways sucks. Denton will be a new town in the next 6 months. So i guess places like karma will be crowded with yupis instead of real people.

  • I saw Whitey open for Baghdad Jones at the Bottleneck in Lawrence in 91 or 92. They were awesome. I still have the tape and it works fine. El Camino, Taco, Malfunkshun, etc.

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