Fulton County, New York

Located 40 min. northwest of Albany, at the base of the Adirondack mountains. Named for inventor Robert Fulton, who commercialized the first Steamboats.

Winters are fierce in upstate New York, as seen in this image from Caroga Lake.

Reputedly, there are many hippies in the area which in past have hosted hemp fests, music fests, and some down to earth people have been a part of recent Fulton county history. Check out Johnstown, Gloversville, Ephratah, or Caroga Lake.

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  1. Ill have to remeber that when my best friend and I are just travelin;’ around at night in our car.we’ve just traveled for no reason and were up near albany but the people in the mountain werent very nice.but if you give me the info we’ll be sure to go where the rest of ya’ll are.We like hippie folks like us.=)peace & love

  2. HEY NOW!!!! I live in Fulton County up in the Gloversville area and I’ll tell ya what, there are nice people up here!! You just need to go to the right area 🙂 I would suggest Cafe Zacour on N. Main street. All like minded and kind people there 🙂

  3. i live in rotterdam which is like 15-20 mins from albany and the pigs around here are total douche bags i had my hair long and down to my back rocking the tyedye and all that jive but the man kept harrassing me until they broke down my spirit so i cut my hair and dress in the common style and now i do the same things i have allways done (lucy, mary jane, snow, mushies, ect.) and the man has stayed off my back and has even let me go on several occasions. but the nuggit around here is great. we get it imported from vermont and cali so its allways flowing and great. peace mann.

  4. What have you all been smokin’? I have a camp there in the summer on a lake, but I’ve never found it to be hippy haven. Perhaps you should visit Santa Cruz or San Francisco (Haight-Asbury section) of California. Even the Santa Cruz mountains are more filled with hippies than Fulton County………yikes!

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