Havre de Grace, MD

Situated at the intersection of the Susquehanna river and the top of the Chesapeake Bay, the self-proclaimed “Decoy Capitol of the World” was burned to the ground in 1812 and is now rich in American history and once lured many visitors to it’s famed horse racing track.

Today the old town has a very relaxed atmosphere and is home to many nice restaurants, coffee shops, old book stores antique shops, Bed and Breakfasts, and a natural products market. Oh, can’t I can’t leave out all the friendly open minded intellectuals that live here.

The lovely promanade adjacent to the lighthouse is perfect for a summer evening stroll.

The week of the 4th of July the town holds a huge carnival with fireworks on saturday in Tydings Park by the water.
A lovely place to visit or take residence if you like small town living by the water.

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  1. I live about ten minutes from havre de grace, it’s a nice, quite, waterside town. It’s full of drugs. it has a few prostitutes. but all in all it’s a cozy quite town

  2. I had a sailboat docked at Havre and would go there half a dozen times every summer. I wouldnt call it ‘hippie haven’ but it is a neat place to spend a few days. There is a shop in town that is pretty groovy for the spiritually enlightened.

  3. I live in HdG. I love my town. Its not a town crawling with hippies, but there are a fair number of us (more aging hippies rather than the younger crowd).

    What makes this town unique is that is is so laid back, and tolerant. Hippies and homies, and blue collars, and yacht owners all drink in the same bars. If you keep it low key, the cops keep it low key. The kynd is realatively easy to find. Three state parks within a half hour drive. Nice bookstore, health food store coffe hoses, cafe’s etc etc.

    The town is in the process of gentrifying, so rents and house prices are on the rise, but there still are some affordable options. For a visit, lodging is pretty much limited Bed and Breakfasts, Camping in Susquehanna State park, or motels in nearby Aberdeen.

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