Ithaca, New York

Ithaca has one of the largest hippie populations in New York State. It has natural beauty and is crawling with old and new hippies. It’s home to many communes, head shops, natural groceries, drum circles, and kind bud. Ithaca has a sizeable college population.

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Comments about Ithaca, New York

  • I really need some help with a school project
    My email address is
    and I would GREATLY appreciate it if anyone who was a hippy in the 60’s would PLEASE send me an e-mail so I might interview them.

    Thanks a bunch! ~~* Jen *~~

  • Ill have to rem that.Thanks for the info on best friend and I’ll have to visit thoughs hippies ole and new.Not to mention im sure we’ll find excellent things in the head shops.Thanks!peace & love.

  • we jus got kicked out by white trash, so we are currently homeless, we are looking for any communes with available space, floorspace is kewl, we dont care, just want a roof over outr heads, e-mail me at

  • 19 year old male. Getting kicked out in a month. (Not because of anything I did wrong. My mother’s getting remarried and she’s not taking me with her) Searching for nearby commune. Live in rochester currently. Email me:

  • Ithaca Sounds Like The Perfect Hippie Haven! I’m a junior in high school, so I’ll be looking for college’s soon, and I read about one in Ithaca, NY. So I should try that one out.



  • Any girl who wants to share life with nice artist?
    please, contact:

  • Ithica is one of the coolest places i’ve ever been! if you’;ve ever picked up a moosewood cookbook from a bookstore, the restaurant is in ithica in the commons and i ate some amaaaazingly tastey food there. if you’re in ithica be sure to check out the farmers market on the weekends as well as the Greenstar grocery coop (across the street from the bus stop). luna cafe is another great place. the scenery is filled with waterfalls and gorges…a most beautiful place!

  • Free meals at Loaves & Fishes MWF 12-1,T&Th 6-7, at the big white church on Cayuga St., a very good place to meet local Ithaca folx.


  • Hello. I am moving within the year. The problem is I don’t know where to. I am considering Ithica because I heard it’s a vegetarian community and I’m vegan. I really don’t like cold weather though. I have a toddler and I want somewhere with a great school. It will be hard because I don’t really know anyone. I would like to hear more about your town.

  • Drum circles at Stewart Park, Sundays, 5pm or soon after, no need to have your own drum, plenty of extras, go to the northwest corner of the park, listen for the drumming (near the boathouse and in sight of the bridge). Look forward to seeing you there…Baruch, herbal student at Northeast School Botanical Medicine

  • For more information about hip Ithaca: Ithaca News

  • i’m from ithaca and it rocks! people are friendly and you can make a lot of money selling hemp or wire wraps. there is a free food place called loaves and fishes that has vegan, vegitarian, and meat.

  • Ithaca is lovely to look at and there are wonderful people here, however, property and school taxes are crazy-high. NY state has the highest taxes in the US and there’s an 8.25% sales tax here on practically everything we buy! Ahhhhh!

  • This once mecca of hippy hopes and dreams in the beautiful southern Finger Lakes bioregion has slipped steadily into yupdom decline during the past few years. Massive big-box development, skyrocketing rent, car culture air poisoning, and strong-arm tactics by a minor Ivy League university trying to shape I-town into its own image has this place slipping into the tar pits. Sorry newbies, sad but true.

  • I’m 18 and interested in finding out where more hippie havens are. I am on a search for myself and over the last 2-3 years I have been wanting to leave my home and start living life to the fullest. I need some direction as to where to go. Communes and hangouts would be a start. I am looking to meet with many new and interesting hippies and share some of my expereinces and stories with them. Please if you have any information that would help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    Peace and Love

  • Yes dude, go into the woods and create your own hippy haven and give your hippy comrades guns so that when the humperdink poindexter coppers come to end your fun you can blow their fucking piggy heads off, and then dont bury them instead eat them but be careful they eat lots of fast foods and you are what you eat. I have personally killed and eaten over 17 police officers in 10 different countries. They taste better in South America, Im going to eat Dr Phil’s meaty ass too if I can just get a clean shot….

  • I live close to Ithaca but not close enough to get their routinely. Just started selling wire wraps. Anyone interested please contact me at Hope all is well.

    Be Well,


  • I have a friend who is from ithaca. Last summer, he took me to a gathering of a bunch of people from the rainbow family. They told me that they hoped i could join them for the regional that’s coming up this summer somewhere near ithaca. maybe you could help me.

  • If you need Ithaca info email me, Im going to the NE gathering in Ithaca

  • Actually here ya go……..Jul 28 – Aug 6 Click here for the Howdy Folks
    Northeast Gathering Ithaca, NY BRING PLENTY OF DRINKING WATER Finger Lakes National Forest From the Southeast: I-87 to Exit 8, 18 miles North of Binghamton, West on 79 thru Ithaca then 11 miles to 228 North 2.6 miles, straight on 227 East 3.3 miles, left on Searsburg Rd.,at water tower, turns to County Rd. #1, left at Wardner Corners Rd. From the West and Northeast: I-90 to exit 42, south on 96 to Ovid, then 414 south 13 miles to Valois, left on Searsburg Rd., Right on Wardners Corner Rd.

  • i was just up there and things are being set up now…we could use all the help we can get. this is going to be the biggest ithica gathering ever…for serious

  • Seriously, once the 70s were halfway gone, people who called themselves hippies were actually considered “hippie wannabees” or, more politely, “neo-hippies.” Hippies really don’t exist anymore, unless they’re aged hippies who were actually there and living the hippie lifestyle in the 60s and early 70s. I remember the weed back then, it was so much better.

    Same goes for punks – they had a narrower window. It’s just crazy that people want to put a label on themselves from decades ago, and act as if growing up and living in the present is a bad thing.

    I was just in Ithaca this past weekend, and found the hippies there totally unattractive. What is the appeal of sitting around begging for money to eat, just surviving life with no direction or ambition, walking around unwashed, tattoed, pierced, and in rags obviously to get attention — and then getting pissy if people stare? You people calling yourselves hippies now have such chips on your shoulders, looking for a fight, rallying against being something you tell yourself is uncool but yet you covet, faking your convictions which truly stand for nothing. That’s not what being a hippie was really about. Grow up, take part in your community, work hard, support yourself and your local economy, take a bath and have pride in your appearance, and pursue something of value, become part of the larger world outside your defiance. leave hippiedom back in the 60s where it belongs.

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