Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a very hippie friendly communnity with a couple small communes in the James Island and King Street area of downtown. It is the coolest, most laid back town, with the nicest people. Downtown Charleston has stores such as Loose Lucy’s, Exchange Factor Five, Black Mineral Market and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Within the college, College Lodge (dorm) was featured in “High Times Magazine” as one of the most drug affiliated dorms in the U.S.

The Market in downtown Charleston, S.C. is an absolutely groovy place to be when it comes to hippies. Downtown Charleston also includes other… Continue reading

Columbus, Ohio

Definitely NOT a hippy haven. Many of the head shops are being forced closed because the campus area is becoming “revitalized” (read: influx of money, respectability, and high price residences and stores). Also, the Police Department issued a warning to Columbus citizens and business that Phish was a “cult” and to avoid serving those that were in town for the concert. Columbus is fast becoming an anti-hippy haven.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yes, even the neon tribute to tinseled affluence is a hippie hangout. The area adjacent to UNLV is “loaded” with shops, pubs and music stores. A Las Vegas staple: “Legends” caters to the deadhead crowd, as well as the “Hard Rock Hotel”, a must see while in Las Vegas. A major head shop, Tobacco Road, is always worth a visit. Finally, the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort hosts a blues festival in the summer which is great up at 7,500 feet.

Now that Nevada has legal pot, the entire scene has changed. They even have same sex marriages available… Continue reading

Westport, Missouri

Missouri has more then two hippy hangouts (gasp!). Westport’s a very cool place. It has head shops, VW buses, and lots of drugs.

Westport is a section in Kansas City.

Midtown-Westport is an eclectic area, known for the Westport entertainment area, with festive brewpubs, DJ bars and retro-chic diners serving American comfort food. During the day, the scene centers on trendy fashion boutiques. Neighboring Midtown has historic buildings like the Thomas Hart Benton Home, with tours of the painter’s studio and gardens. Trails wind through nearby Roanoke Park, encircled by bluffs.

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