Orlando, Florida

Home to more than a dozen theme parks, this place was nothing but orange groves and alligator infested swamps 60 years ago.

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  • Hi, if anyone happens to know anyone who was part of any communes in the seventies that goes by the name of Jacqueline Hiebert-Beuregarde-Christensen (perhaps also add Allan) please let me know
    My friend David is looking for her. She married him in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada and he wishes to annul the marriage so he can marry someone else legally. Thanks

  • just a heads up on the St. Augstine situation.

    i have lived here in st aug since 1984 and well, shit has changed honey, gone are the days of street preformers, and street vendors, you will get arrested for doing either one on st. george st.

    anyways, still a beautiful place fairly small and still undiscovered. lots of heads hidden out all over st. aug. goregous beaches, beautiful weather.

    a drum circle every thursday at the libary on san marco aenue.
    reggae sunday allways jams out in the summer time up on the beach too.

    my email is zionschild@meowmail.com
    kids feel free to email me for a place to kick it wile your here. no ned to sleep out in the cold &hungry.



  • I live in Orlando and am in desperate need of a drum circle where and when can I find it? That is if it is still going on. I will remain hopefull. 🙂

  • I lived in orlando for close to two years and as much as I was looking forward to moving there, I have to say, I hated it. The only people I met while living there were very “fake” people all about the music pop biz and tryin to tell me bout the next video they were making or band they were opening up for. The music scene is pretty cool, what with house of blues and other places, but it’s not worth the type of people you have to put up with living there. Also, cause it’s a tourist town, a lot of people come and go quickly, making it hard to make REAL friends. Most people I met would act like they were your friends if you were out somewhere, then the next day if they saw you out they would act as if they didn’t know you. I’m so glad I moved. Orlando is a cool place to visit, but not to live. (at least for me)

  • i have lived in the cocoa beach area for about 3 years. I cant seem to find any culture at all. I am a musican and artist trying to find others that are in to the same. All i seem to find around here is punk rockers and nowhere to sell my art. any suggestions? email me at darkdarkstar78@aol.com

  • i live in orlando, and i would love to know where these drum circles are.

  • You gotta know where to go in O-town. Anywhere Kynda, Bluelegs, or Funkus is playing, is a good start. Many kynd folks down here. Just gotta poke around…

  • hip thing to do in central florida
    -take a canoe around one of the springs.
    florida has such beautifully lush nature
    -beaches semi nearby.
    semi-accepted nude beach past new smyrna.
    no dogs or camping.
    -lots of ism
    -lots of music compared to some places, less compared to others.
    a lot of cool acts though, deliberately avoid florida.
    -some cool shops. not really old and funky, but, supplies are available.
    – weather. you won’t freeze your ass off very often,
    but be prepared to sweat and burn.
    very humid.

    bad points
    -not a real nice vibe here.
    -the scene is very split and clicky
    -it is a tourist destination, bringing all that entails
    -not a lot of cool gatherings
    -the law.
    we had people at a dead show tear gassed here, farm broken up,
    rainbow roadblocks and cops walking around taking pictures of people,

    all in all.
    if you are a “hippy” who wants a place to get strung out and blow your money, you’d fit right in.
    if you are looking for a place where people are getting together to make the world a better place, keep moving on friend.

  • I have lived in Orlando for 4 years. Some of the places here are pretty interesting. Mostly it is just families coming to Disney and people in Kissimmee selling drugs. If you don’t speak Spanish, it can be difficult. I would rather live near the beach. I believe in the hippie lifestyle of speaking one’s mind and appreciating nature. That maakes it hard to live here because every day there is a new 7 11 being built or a new suburb for the rich people from New Jersey who insult the south yet choose to call it their home.

  • You lookin’ for a kind community in central florida filled with music-heads?

    Come be a part of the ever-expanding central FL music family known as FunknJam. Add a dot com and you’re there!

    Paz y musica (that’s peace and music ya’ll)

  • orlando? this is no hippy haven.
    who says it is?
    there is nothing about orlando that is either hip or haven.
    id say more like yuppie haven.
    /the sickos

  • i dont know who would ever consider borlando as hip. it sucks here.sarasota is much hipper. im stuck here in orlando and it is cold,and heartless. i hate this hole

  • it was great pre disneyworldjust there in may way to crowded

  • I was born and raised in O-Town and it’s no place for hippies like myself, that’s why I’m lookin’ for a place myself.

  • As a native floridian and a child of the 60’s i can say this place sucks since the mouse moved in in ’72. there may be some genuine people here, but we are far between, the gaps filled by immigrants, tourists, plastic yuppies; i don’t even want to go on – – listing the sh*t makes me sick. Now that I’ve found this board, I’ll return & list me email addy so any real/genuine peaceloving meditators (or aspirants) who want to eat healthy, take care of our bodies, minds, souls, the earth, etc etc, can contact me. I’ve managed to keep my Self through all the sick changes here; perhaps there is at least one other kindred spirit in the vicinity. Not the “dreamcather earrings & find your spirit guide” set, but a genuine, real, dare i say (at least pertially:>) enlightened being who remembers and endeavors to live the life we claimed as ours in those days. Here is a piece of my writing; a poem I made in response the the surge in nationalism after the 9-11 atack. It’s dated 10.30.01

    Where are all my brothers from the 60’s
    Where have all my sisters gone from those days, too
    The machine’s still makin’ war
    Just like in the days of yore
    I’m still marching ‘gainst the killing
    Where are you?

    Calling all my fam’ly from the 60’s
    Have you sold out to the system through the course?
    While the stripes now and the stars
    Are flyin’ from the cars
    My peace flag is still waving
    Where is yours?

    Are you driving home from corporate in your $40K SUV?
    Are you watching the bombs bursting on primetime news TV?
    Do you feel some sense of justice when you see the death and flames?
    Were you really never with us or have you forgotten somehow; changed?

    We spat upon the war pigs in the 60’s
    We protested the politics of fools
    Our voices clear, our stance then strong; unwavering
    What’s happened now? Is killing somehow cool?

    My brothers and my sisters from the 60’s
    Abandon not that which you then stood for
    It’s true it’s 40 years now since the 60’s
    But there’s still no glory EVER found in war . . .

    Sooooooooo, if anyone is still reading, and can fathom my point-of-view and might have some interest in finding out who I am and sharing your Self with someone who knows, post a comment in reply. I’ll be happy to give you my email addy.

    Peace, gypsy

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