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Chicago, Illinois has a “hippie college” in the least likely of places – Shimer College is one of THE most liberal of colleges and no one in the world seems to know about it. There are no lecture classes, we discuss books (actual sources, no textbooks that have been biased by someone else’s ideas) in groups of 12 or less. People here are allowed to live as they please and most importantly to think as they please. The education is as liberating as the lifestyle.

Moved from Waukegan to Chicago years ago.

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  • I am very familiar with Shimer College. It is “Hippy Heaven.” I would only offer that people define “hippy” with broader terms than open drug use, cliche clothes, anti-establishment thinking, and relatively poor hygiene. The Hippy Culture was about positive thinking and changing the world for the masses; not self-indulgent, superior, anti-social nay-saying. The potential is evident in the Shimer of today. Remember, though, potential is only potential. It is hard work and a willingness to change for the better that really is the measure of a person. Basically, I’d like to see less time partying and more time involved with truly finding out how to help the community at large. Less intellectual mumbo-jumbo and more jumping into life and getting dirty with the filth that is indicative of really important endeavors. Here’s to Shimer College and the hope that it’s students and faculty will make a positive impact in this much troubled world. I have yet to see it, gang; so GO FOR IT. Peace.

  • Yes, I go to Shimer as well and it does have the potential to be something great. Not that it isn’t right now.. I just think we need more like-minded people to help us get started. Something could happen and change the world as we know it.

  • Care to be more specific? I am looking for an awesome college to help me escape…i like in Eudora Kansas…yikes. Just looking for some tolerance and relaxation for a bit. Suggestions welcome. don’t check this much

  • Waukegan sucks, Shimer girls love to fuck but have bad hygiene, guys be careful and go for a blow-job! Don’t try to be anybody important with a degree from Shimer; save your parents the money and join the Peace Corp.

  • fuck that! shimer girls are the shit. whoever said that is SERIOUSLY mistaken. i’ve been at shimer for two years. we just moved the campus from waukegan to chicago! can’t wait for another year at shimer. this close knit community can’t be found anywhere. we read, we write, we party. we know how to have a god damned good time.

  • by the way, we moved to chicago.

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