Vashon Island, Washington

Vashon Island is in the Puget Sound next to Seattle. No bridges to the island, just a ferry that takes you there. If you want the closeness and convenience of Seattle, but you don’t like the high pace nature of Seattle, then Vashon Island is the place to be. It’s more slow paced, and plenty of hippies live there, both old-timers, and young. The only drawback, is the jets that fly overheard from Sea-Tac International Airport a few miles away.

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  1. About a year & a 1/2 ago my girlfriend and I travel out to Vashon from Michigan. Fell in love with it and moved back. The positive energy of this place in unlike any I have ever seen before. If ever your travels take you here, I must warn you, you may not want to leave! Peace to all!!!!!

  2. I was born and rasied here but moved away for many years now I have moved back and Iam sorry to say that was the way Vashon always was before but the big city is very close to creeping in on the Island. WE really don’t need anyone else comming to stay thanks anyway

  3. i was borne on and raised on vashon and the only thing wrong with vashon are all the new people moving here becouse they like the quaintness of our island and then try to change everything GO AWAY PLEASE!

  4. I must agree with VMH When I came to vashon in 1967 Vashon was a community that took care of its own. As the years past and the demand for rural settings increased the influx of new people and new money brought change and not good change. I have literaly been systematicaly run off of Vashon because I no longer fit the new image of what Vashon would like to represent. The community would rather look at some plastic whitewash facade that represents what they would like to be seen as, a beautiful rural setting that still has room for developement. On the contrary There is little room left for any one that does not conform to the tide of the all mighty dollar. Remember I built the mansions that are now becoming the downfall of this most precious of Islands in the Northwest. I have given up my fight against the Vashon hierarchy, but to those that still remain, Homeless Dave, VMH, Mamma Susan, and all associated, Fight The Good Fight! we miss you!

  5. i was born and raised on the island for the first half of my life. things on the island were so much better back then; laid back, friendly people etc. i recently went to the island to visit some family that still live there and while in the town i had nothing but rude encounters with islanders who all now seem to be nothing but snooty white people walking around like they are the greatest people on the planet. i kept getting nasty glares and everyone i passed would stare at my daughter like they’ve never seen a child of a different race before. i wouldn’t live on that island again and once i no longer have family there i’ll probably never go there again either.

  6. My husband & I are moving to Vashon. I hope not everyone there is as close-minded about newcomers. We chose Vashon to get AWAY from small minded, judgemental people & “house farms”. I thought we had finally found a liberal peaceful place to live after being stuck in North Carolina for 11 long years. I guess there’s just sucky people everywhere.

  7. Yes I see your point definately. I really didnt mean it like that but. What VMH and others said i thought was rude. Obviously they dont own a Vashon buisness, because as you may or may not know, many Vashon buisnesses have gone out of buisness for lack of customers. Saying that all new comers should go away is not enhancing life on Vashon. If this is what the majority of Vashon thinks then well then the whole attitude is negative. THerefore creating not a peaceful and easy going feel , but acctually a very hostile felling througout the Island. These people can be very annoying, seriously how long do you think an Island right across from a major city can stay small? eventually it may grow.

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