Ann Arbor, Michigan

There is a Hash Bash every year there and so many hippies come. Ann Arbor is a great place.

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  • When is it?

  • Tell me more! I’m from Indiana and I’m looking for a fun place to trip to.


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  • I was wondering when the bash happens, we visted Ann Abor on labor day this year, it was a beautiful place..

  • April 1 every year at the U of M diag.
    Ann Arbor is a yuppie haven these days. Most of the hippies
    have left town, or moved out to the country (what’s left of it)

  • been there…done that….never have much of an urge to return to that….more police than hippies

  • The hash bash is the first saturday in april i think that falls on the 7th or some thing maybe before that maybe after, damn my memory fails me again! <3

  • Ok, don’t visit Ann Arbor for the Hash Bash. It is BY FAR, the biggest waste of time event you could travel for. The other poster is right, it’s just police and a few hundred at best college kids hanging out on the diag listening to other college kids rant about the law and read mediocre poetry. In between the poetry and the rants, you can hear low quality local michigan punk bands “sing” and rant. It really only lasts for a few hours and there isn’t much left of it by mid to late afternoon.

    Ann Arbor IS pretty, but in an extremely constructed yuppie sort of way. Rather than a town of liberals, it is a town of yuppies who sport a thin liberal veneer.

  • While dp *may* have a point in his comment about “yuppies with a thin liberal veneer,” the fact is that A2 is far and away the most liberal place to be in MI, with the *possible* exception of the Royal Oak area north of Detroit. After growing up in the blue-collar suburbs south of Detroit, and then going to school/living in Kalamazoo for ten years, Ann Arbor is blissfully liberal. Agreed, though – skip Hash Bash.

  • Would somebody please tell me why Ann Arbor is featured in Hippie Havens ? I think someone is thinking of A2 of the 1960s and 70s . A2 is a town that is extremely liberal and mot residents are Democrats ; but I saw very few hippies during my stay in September 2004 . The People’s Food Co-op is the only place in A2 where one might find or see hippies . With the exception of one or two employees, the staff of the co-op really goes out of their way to be helpful . By the way , hi Andrea & Annie . Thanks for the granola and the strawberry banana juice , Andrea . You’re a real sweetheart , luv ! However , I did not appreciate having a couple of their employees insinuating that I stoled a cup of herb tea . I was leaving town that particular day . Do they think I was stupid enough to go to jail over a cup of fucking tea ?
    Get real.
    I like to say hi to Matt & Jason at Jimmy Johns . Thanks for the free bread and drinks . Matt, I’ll be
    emaling you copies of the Illuminati and Aleister Crowley papers that I’m working on . I’ve been busy . Be patient . And thanks to the wonderful folks at Jerusalem Garden for giving me the falafels , lentil soup and rice pilaf after the cafe had closed . Hippies , check the place out when you’re in town . They’re vegan-friendly and they make the
    best falafels in A2 .
    Of all of the towns I’ve traveled in nationwide , A2 treats
    the homeless better than anywhere in the USA . Stop by the
    Delonis center on Huron for a shower and a hot meal . They
    are very accommodating and respectful to vegans . Jeff the kitchen manager was a saint in that regard . For you meatheads , they serve such fare as salisbury steak, fried chicken , mashed potatoes and at least three kinds of desserts !
    At Delonis , most of the staff are nice and decent people
    and they treat the homeless with dignity and respect . There are a couole of assholes of whom I will not name . You’ll find out when you get here . But please say hello and get to know my friend , Heather . Heather is the daughter of hippies,
    herself . She’s a real doll and a great conversationalist . When you meet her ; tell her Gemini says hi and sends his love
    from Key West , FL .
    At this time I’d to say hi to all the people I met and partied with there . Hi Debbie, Brenda ; Jean , Jody & Corky ;Glen,
    Pamela , and Tammy ; Ronnie,Mike & Timmy ; Danny & Bobo ,Wayne
    & Ricky ; Nicole & Danielle ; Amy & Lisa ( I had a gret time meeting and talking with you at the Brian Wilson concert )
    Vin, thanks for letting me crash at your place .
    Hey freaks, avoid the Expresso Royale Cafe because they have an asshole manager . She has blonde hair and I think her name is Tara .
    The panhandling scene is favorable in A2 . Just don’t bum in front of a business or you might get a ticket like I
    did .However, even though the students are politically liberal, they’re tightass with the cash . I guess that’s from being the product of rich-pig parents .
    The only real negative experience I had was the cold weather and the University of Michigan pork . Keep an eye
    out for them when you’re there .
    Ann Arbor , I’ll see you guys again when I hitchhike up from the southland . Til then , peace , brothers & sisters .
    Gemini Dream :

  • Here there all…I have a sort of strange request…is there anyone who lives in the ann arbor area that has or will be attending hash bash this year?? i am working on a folklore project for the university of michigan and interviews and people’s stories, ideas, and legends about this event will be included in the archieve. please email me!!! thanks guys…

  • I grew up in Ann Arbor and although it is still a nice and liberal place it has changed over the years. It has become very expensive to live in Ann Arbor and the town is dominated by Yuppies these days. Still it is a great place to live and people pretty much have a live and let live attitude.

  • Ann Arbor Michigan
    It holds testimony of it’s buildings, store fronts, businesses.
    It has history everywhere you look.
    If you look within anything – what you see – that is your own vision.
    The True Spirit of Ann Arbor is alive an kicking – it is filled with Culture – Roam and People of all nations. It is a place you would want to spend the day in – and shop and find indifference.
    If you chose to stay and live – you will find the Hustle and Grind of the U of M Students – who breathe life into our future – their struggles/sacrifices are what claim the Nation – the Mighty Mighty Victors – chosen – To Go Forth.
    It’s not a cheap housing area – if you chose to move to A2 – what you will receive is – what you make of it – Your choice.
    U of M rules A2 – and That is What it is. It’s not just a Campus. It’s a Living Experience. Take it as you Will – It may Take you First.

    Fleetwood Diner – explains it all

  • im not sure if im a full blooded hippie, but im sitting in class right now wondering what it would be like if you didnt have to worry about having to go to collage in order to make a good living, its terrible, i hate how you have to have a degree in order to make a substancial ammount of money to live on, everything costs so much, and i worry every night where im going to be in 10 years . . .and i just wish it was different, like the 50’s-70’s before all of this crap, people could drop out of school and work as a farmer and what not, and be happy . . . now you have to pretty much have a degree in agriculture to own your own farm, and make money off of it . . . there arent very many mom and pop buisnesses anymore, it just makes me sad i guess how everything is getting so technological . . .

  • . . . oh yeah, you guys rock! and hippies kick so much ass ! ! !

  • I agree with sagittarius there on that last comment about wishin that i lived about fourty years ago during the 60’s-70’s. We didnt have to worry about all our companies moving over seas,wal-mart squashing all our mom and pop shoppes,or pesticide infested food. i mean, sure college is good for some, but i’m here in my own university and i’m thinking that i’d much rather be like one of our former homesteaders with a farm, in touch with nature and living naturally as we were intended. What bothers me more, though, is that at least the youth in the past were willing to stand up and make their words count; its like my generation is so lazy. They want a change in our world, but expect it to be given to them.Wish more people would take up the courage!

  • Ann Arbor is the best. My family goes there every year for the art festival, and it is just hippies everywhere… They have this really neat sign on the U of M campus in honor of the first hash bash back in the sixties..

  • I live in ann arbor and its not getting better. the economy sucks and you have to take an instant pee test to get a bed at the shelter now. even for a meal. its still a friendly place to toke, only a 25.00 ticket but bud is hard to find if you dont know someone

  • also the Hash Bash keeps getting smaller each year. we need more hippies.and on a side note the Fleetwood diner almost closed this year.the city wants to remodel the entire block but the buildings owner wont sell. the diner has a new 2 year lease so see it while you can before this Hippy land mark is gone

  • hey. sounds like Ann Arbor is havin a little trouble with the hippie population. not good. Well, im here to fix that. I’ll go. Prolly bring some of my homies. Defenitly my friend Mary Jane… It’s easy to get it here. But, itd b cool if someone called me to give me some more info on this Hash Bash deal. Cause, I talked to The Individuals, and they said they’d b there. and they’re pretty much the shit. my cell is 1-231-383-2035. If I don’t pick up, just leave me a message. my voicemail is Afroman, just so ya know. But, I’ll prolly need somewhere to stay. so, hook me up with somethin cheap. PEACE

  • Hi. Would like to hook up with a commune in the area. DO you know of any place like that, or a vegan community? Paul

  • SO is the Bash on the 7th this year then?

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