Bird Snackbar & Thai Restaurant

Fancy Thai place with a “snackbar” across the street. The “snackbar” is one of the most popular places on the Zeedijk, with patrons lining up and ordering in advance while waiting for one of the small tables on the sidewalk. The service was fast and friendly, and food arrived quickly. Tom Yam Koeng soup was delightful, spicy-hot with lots of lemon grass and galanga, and featured a couple of great big shrimps. The Pad Thai (my benchmark for good Thai cooking) was okay, and only mildly spiced. You need to ask for the hot chili peppers in this place! My friend’s dish of Sweet & Sour Chicken was unfortunately flavoured with tomato ketchup.
A nice place for a quick meal, reasonably priced.

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  • Good food, the ‘Thai way’. Sawasdee.

  • This Thai restuarant is the best in Amsterdam. It’s cheap, clean, and fast. Moreover, it located by Red-light district.

  • best thai in town…tastes like in thailand…

    even people from the Hague and other cities are coming here to the restaurant which has very friendly staff and excellent food
    plus…the snackbar is the tiniest non-microwave yummy food offering one seen
    thumbs up…you get quality and quantity for a reasonable price!!!!!
    kop khun kha

  • Nicht gut. Sieg heil!!

  • This restaurant is my all-time favorite in Amsterdam. The food is delicious and the staff is very friendly. Since I discovered it a few years ago I bring my friends here and visitors from all over the world and all have to agree with me that it’s the best Thai-restaurant outside Thailand.

    I only have one negative comment: In the restaurant they bring the different dishes (starter, main, desert) so fast after eachother that you feel like they’re trying to get rid of you a.s.a.p. so they can fill your table ones more. But it’s probably just the difference in culture.

  • don’t understand all the compliments of some visitors the worst cup of thea I had

  • Reasonable food,price/quality is ok,but nothing special,friendly service but long waitingtimes,maybe due to understaffing in the very crowded restaurant.
    It’s clear they have no time anymore for proper cleaning or painting,every year it looks a bit more worn-out.

  • Very good food. Take away style. A few small tables, mostly crowed. Friendly stuff. Defenatly a good place to have a tasty meal.

  • seems to me the prices have gone up at the bird snackbar in the last few months, but the food is still quite good so i don’t mind.

    s g collins

  • GREAT!

  • Best Thai food in Amsterdam!

  • Authentic

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