Bird Snackbar & Thai Restaurant

Fancy Thai place with a “snackbar” across the street. The “snackbar” is one of the most popular places on the Zeedijk, with patrons lining up and ordering in advance while waiting for one of the small tables on the sidewalk. The service was fast and friendly, and food arrived quickly. Tom Yam Koeng soup was delightful, spicy-hot with lots of lemon grass and galanga, and featured a couple of great big shrimps. The Pad Thai (my benchmark for good Thai cooking) was okay, and only mildly spiced. You need to ask for the hot chili peppers in this place! My… Continue reading

L’Ostreade Bar Fruits de Mer

Unfortunately this fine restaurant is now gone, replaced by a chain. Sorry to see it go.

Fresh fish direct from the sea, in Paris. Pure heaven is to be found at L’Ostreade with it’s bright contemporary interior and fine cuisine.

Off the Avenue du Maine, L’Ostreade Bar Fruits de Mer is between the Hospital Pasteur and the Cemetary Montparnasse… but don’t worry you won’t need either location after eating here. Open from 8:30 am until 11 pm.

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11 Bd. de Vaugirard
Paris 75015

Phone: 01 43 21 87 41

Klaas Compaen

I must admit I’d passed by this quaint Thai restaurant in the Red Light District many times before I finally took the plunge. Klaas Compaen is named after a man who journed to India but ended up living happily in Thailand because he liked the women and the food.

Klaas Compaen claims to be the first Thai restaurant in Amsterdam, operating here some 30 years. The entry way leads you down some steps into a scent filled basement room. This relatively small restaurant which has just a half dozen tables and more seats at the bar is very cozy. Those… Continue reading

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