Cafe del Mondo

There are some coffeeshops in Amsterdam which experienced campaigners will recommend for the quality of the grass or the variety of the menu. Delmondo is not one of these smoking establishments. Situated on the periphirals of the Red Light District, Delmondo is a somewhat chic venue which offers a well stocked bar and a decent, if limited selection, of hash and weed. The prices or quality are not exceptional, but this is not the kind of place you go to for a bargain. The vibe is much less seedy than most of it’s contemporaries and you could almost think you were in a French brasserie if it wasn’t for the rich smell of cannabis in the air. With genuinely laid back staff and an area outside to smoke on a sunny day, there is possibly nowhere else in the city which is more relaxed to light up a joint in.

Nieuwmarkt 28 Amsterdam

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