Dutch Flowers

Sadly closed, this once was the closest coffeeshop to Central Station.
Singel 387
Amsterdam 1012 WN

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  • cool

  • nice place

  • teefolk don’t you now that the coffeeshops close at 2 and the rules are strickt !!!!!!!!!!!so mabey it’s better that you stay away!!!!!!!

  • Visited this place for the first time last august(5th visit) and will be one of the first stops on the way from Central to hotel next month. small with only a few tables and chairs but cool atmosphere and top weed. the silver pearl was awesome. great nederhash too. cheers guys from Marty in Glasgow. See you soon.

  • We were recommended this place by the Canabis College for some nice organic weed but the chap was really off hand and intimadating.

    Super bag of “Keirweit” though.

  • fantastic place, maybe my favourite. It’s laid back and there’s no pressure to buy any weed, in fact i had to wait quite a while at the hash bar but that doesnt really matter, the weed is excellent and very reasonably priced, try the super shiva…borders on hallucinogenic. small but perfectly formed, definately worth a visit.

  • this place was buzzin great atmos and groovy people the one thats stuck in my mind after it had blown it.
    chris d n wales uk

  • Excellent staff, including Bob and Sheeluh.

  • The coolest place AND the best weed!

  • The weed and location of this coffee shop is very good. However, the owner or should I refer to him as the asshole who manages this joint is beyond reproach. Five of us were there last weekend and were thrown out because we didn’t say “please” when requesting another five beers. He seemed to have a chorus of customers enjoying the way he treated us. I suppose he just didn’t want to see us there for another round. We all plan to return next year and see if we can deter our being expelled by being the friendliest blokes imaginable.

  • comment

  • this was the only one I remember!!!

  • Typical Dutch bast@#$…fek&*^ know it alls…two things i hate in this life are people from Holland and the Dutch….oh and i hope Scotland kick yer ass in the next round…wankers…

  • the worst coffeehouse i was ever in. locals and staff were very rude.(very undutch like) grass was not very good. maybe it is that they serve hard drugs like alcohol that made the people and place so unfriendly.

  • lights out
    strong like mike tyson

  • Good selection, Be carefull when stoned and paying with large bills there is one guy there that will try to short change you. As soon asyou challenge him he will cough up the rest of your cash. Been going there for years, liked it better when you could get beer with your weed.

  • staff were assholes as to say look at the stupid americans im not stupid just the first coffeeshop ive been in very intimidating dealer dont go here

  • One of my favorites. Outside tables have a pleasant canal view, but breezes make it near impossible to roll a doobie there. I’m in and out just about daily over 6 weeks every summer, and the house dealers greet me by name year after year, always cooperative as I work my way down the “menu” like a wine-tasting. I’ve been known to stay for an hour to read the Tribune, never get hassled about taking up space. Often they have no ice for the orange juice, but apparently nobody but me ever wants any.

  • Very rude staff.

  • Friendly, patient, Great products.

  • We didn’t stay and smoke here since it was crowded, but picked up some SilverPearl and Hawiian Haze both very nice weeds. the Pearl was tiny little crystal covered mostly orange buds and the Haze so very, very smooth. It only said 1 gram on the scale but seemed bigger than most grams we bought elsewhere. If its crowded at least stop and get some smoke here, you won’t be dissappointed!

  • Top quality smoke sold to you buy typical arrogant, money hungry, Dutch wankers who actually dispise
    all foreign tourists but use their so called tolerance
    to put up with us lot, purely for the sake of profit!

    Trust me I lived in Amsterdam for 4 years, I know what I’m talking about.

    The Dutch will tolerate anything that makes money!

  • rude bastards, avoid at all costs!

  • Great People, worth the stop!

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