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  1. What a find…..excellent little smoking den, chilled out decor and music….brilliant sound system for such a small shop.Smoke was good…had me giggling for ages…..Try their smoothies….they hit the spot….Good coffee as well.Lovely lady behind the counter….worth staying for another spliff!

  2. Usually I really don’t like smoking my grass at a coffeeshop, but here I will. The inside (and outside for that matter)looks are really trendy! The music is very nice indead! Me and my (girl)friends will be here quite often before going out… talking, smoking and enjoying the great shakes and my fav icecoffee!! If you wanna get really stoned: get the Hill Street Special…lift off (almost 2 grams for 10 euro !!! Enjoy!! Besides : the staff is cooool!

  3. I am Suzy’s friend and just totally agree; this is our new hang-out!
    Sorry the rates are so high..but they really deserve it; we buy loads of grass for little money in a very friendly envoirnment. And yes…we like the staff!

  4. I have been here a lot already. It is a beautiful and loungy coffeeshop. Just the perfect place to hangout after a hard day work or shopping. And don’t forget to try their ice-coffee!!
    Okay, just let me warn you with saying that drink is addictive! Have fun!!

  5. Never before did i encouter a coffeeshop in amsterdam, where the people and service are as good as in this one….the smoke was very good.and the terras is perfect even when its not so warm ..(holland). sow next time i, amin amsterdam….. I’LL BE BACK !!!

    bye bye greetz to hill blue

  6. A great little coffeeshop! the whole atmosphere is relax and “clean”. it doesn’t give me that typical “buy my stuff and get outta here” feeling that I have with some shops. you take your date to this place!! 🙂 service is good, the tunes are excellent, smoke/smoothies perfect.
    the chairs on the terrace are the only thing not so perfect about this place, but what the hell, that’s the only thing I can come up with so…. check it out.

  7. since a few days the have a television/dvd in the “livingroom”-part of the shop!and since it’s getting colder,the heaters on the terace are really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ok! when it’s 35 degrees celsius outside i don’t need the heated terrace, but i’ll come back during the winter so…great! the thai next door is good when you get the munchies..tasty! by the way; you all think it’s true that rembrandt van rijn smoked his pot around here? heard it from a tourist guide….

  9. I always find myself anythime travelling the continant that i’m suddenly playing a few games of pool surounded by other people high as one can only experience in Amsterdam thinking i’m hungry.
    Its a great place …try in out ……Seamus O’Brien ,Cork Ireland

  10. I have been to Amsterdam 8 times and to Hill Street Blues on each of those occasions. It used to be my favourite coffeeshop. However, I have recently been worn down by the ever worsening levels of service, including the bar staff continually over charging me and my friends. And to cap it all off, the comfortable end of the bar overlooking the water has now been designated a V.I.P. area.

    Now i buy my week there, and smoke it somewhere else!

  11. Went to Dam for New Year. Very cool place ( I usually stay over the other part of town). Man behind the bar (Aussie i think) was helpful and friendly, telling us best places to celebrate the new year and other bits and bobs about amsterdam and its coffeeshops. If you visit here, buy some Hill Street Blues Special…………… veeeerrryyy Nice. really well dried out and cheap too. What more could you want? Just sat inside the door as it was f**king freezing outside, atmosphere seemed ok with a couple of groups of fellow smokers.

    Have fun & Toke it easy.

  12. I have been a regular visitor to Hill Street Blues for years – checked out their new shop this year – great design, quality and service. Unlike Ulster Man I did not take the VIP joke seriously – back area is actually closed for renovations. On my most recent visit Jan 2004 I was promised that back would be oopen again buy middle of Feb – I will be back to confirm this.

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