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  1. ulsterman has visit the first “hill” this page is about the new one @the nieuwmarket (other site of redlight distr.)the reason for the back is closed TEMPORARY;firedept.told them to do so,and now they are building new fire exits and so….from next week you can sit in the back ,at the waterside,and whenever there is a fire ;you d’ont have to jump in to the canal,just take the new fire-exit,wheter you’re a vip ore not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Never been so smashed in a lovely comfy feeling coffee shop ever!been to literally all coffee shops and hill street blues is the place to be.You must visit

  3. great cafe, best place to get stoned in amsterdam. comfortable and reasonably priced too. service was excellent, i wanted to smoke my bong, not a problem there. i was even offered one of the bongs behind the counter, mine was bigger, needless too say i stuck with my own!

    Shane – Eire

  4. Went in here on my last day to get a space-cake to eat before going through customs in Toronto. Just carried it on with me no prob, and as we were landing I wolfed it down. Got through customs, and about an hour later, I was enjoying my last taste of the dam at home. Long story short, the space cakes here are goooood.

  5. Excellent place, I loved it here, probably my favourite out of the many coffeeshops I went to. The australian guy behind the counter ( I believe he’s the owner/manager) was very friendly and helped us get to our hostel, he even drew a map for us. The pre-rolled Joints are very nice as is their stuff obviously. The milkshakes here are incredible, wish I tried the smoothies and the cakes.

  6. this place is awesome i got the best smoke here the best service of any bar serving beer the music was just awesome sometimes a strange change from one track to another but its all good overall its the only mellow bar i went in to everywhere else that sold beer was to hectic for this pot head i just balanced my time between hill street blues and baba’s coffee shop.

  7. its a good lil place like the look of all the names on the walls makes it look good got some nice skunk there aswell and good space cookies

  8. Visited the hills street on warmoestraat with my brother in april and left in a stupor… Bought a bag of Hills Street Special and it blew my mind… luckily for us we were staying in one of the greenhouse effects rooms which are RIGHT NEXT DOOR.. excellent smoke….excellent location.. and also you can leave your own mark on the place with all the grafitti on the walls ,tables and anywhere else you can find a little space too.
    WE SHALL RETURN next april

  9. this is the coolest coffee shop. cool tunes, comfy seats, wkd smoke-try Hill St. special and the bannanna cake was the best. staff brilliant even giving us a joint of the finest Morrocan I have ever tried! We shall return

  10. this place is great, met a lot of people frm the UK in there also and they all agreed the weed is greaT (get their special at 7.80 a gram) there is also a good pool rule that u play winner stays on, cool and unusual. the guy in ‘the dope corner’ each time i went is was sorted n nu his stuff, my 3rd best behind grey area and one near the vondlepark called phasonikka or something! cheers for a good 9 days!

  11. If your going to AMSTERDAM then HILL STREET BLUES is the place to go for the most chiled and relaxed atmosphere anywhere in AMSTERDAM. This is a definate, with an excellent service and a great deal on weed.DONT JUST PASS IT BY GO IN AND TAKE A LOOK YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

  12. I loved the hill Street blues been there twice already and will be back in Nov. the smoke is great hill street special was lovely so was the northern light. Best smokin place in the dam. geart stoner atmoshere. a word of advice dont look the toilet door when your mad stoned and get stuck in there for 20 mins like I did.

  13. i started off here for three mornings in a row, very chilled cool place great staff and the hill street special is a good smoke. very cool music and smoothies. DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE. the other hill street is good for cheap beer and you can draw on the walls,

  14. I love there hot chocolate with a nice cookie!!! and of course a nice big spliff!!! Then when im stoned looking at the big indian type sketch on the back wall! Brilliant chill out spot! Jay Dubs 2004

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