Homegrown Fantasy

Reported as permanently closed, the Homegrown fantasy was a unique favorite for many years. The review below was posted in the past.

Coffeeshop on the Nieuwezijdes Voorburgwal, recently redecorated and known for organic grass. I highly recommend the Apple Jack (if available). It’s possibly the best organic smoke in the country! Not far from the Dam Square.

Nieuwezijdes Voorburgwal 87 A
Amsterdam 1012 RE

Comments about Homegrown Fantasy

  • Friendly staff, cool loo, & hot milk steamers!

  • No doubt the best bathroom in Amsterdam..from yellow to blue to green, nothing like making a stream under blacklight! Always some of the freshest and tastiest reefer in town.

  • How cool are these loos???

  • topshop! Really fine staff and nice girls;)

  • Amazing! Company, service is terrific. GET THE SPACE CAKE!!!

  • Hi,

    always good smoke…

    and a responsible dealer too…

    I saw the counterman actually council 2 young ladies into splitting a spacekake and coming back in a few hours if they wanted more instead of just going ahead and selling them more than they really needed … ’cause a lot of people just don’t really understand how strong a little cake or a few cookies or my favorites: the bon-bons at chocolata… will just flat

    -set you back-

  • Good spot, but run by amateurs with an attitude

  • pretty good coffeeshop in a great location. the bathrooms are a real experience, and the weed is usually stellar

  • Doesn’t look like much but the weed is amazing,Yumboldt,blue haze, and silver-orange haze are my favorites. Space cakes and bon-bons are all bad ass!

  • Even though the decor isn’t that interesting i use to really like spending a couple of hours here late in the afternoon before getting ready for the evening. That is until the big ginger haired fella started working here and playing hardcore rap/nu-metal totally spoiling the hazy mellow atmosphere, oh well.

  • the cakes were really nice, and the service was great, ill definately go back

  • i must agree with the other reviews on this place, it’s great..the yumbolt was super sweet pot, very tasty! as a last minute purchase while there i also got some spacecake( vannila) and was very happy! i believe it was the best cake we had in amsterdam. also check out the bathroom, it’s blacklight so your pee looks like milk..guy thing i guess?

  • Try the cake, it’s lick!! Few youngans in here though. Felt like I was smoking in a Kindergarten. GREAT CAKE THOUGH!!

  • I wanted to like this place more but I don’t think its the best place for value or quality. I ordered the best weed they had at the moment and it was not great. At least not compared to Barneys/Sweet Tooth which cut through any other high I had going. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is OK but the Hot Chocolate is served warm and that is also telling of the quality!

  • Big, sunny, pleasant staff, great selection. All around great place in an easy to find location. One of my favorites.

  • I have been to this coffeeshop 7 or 8 times and had a killer time everytime. The weed is excellent and the service is superb. I had only been there on one occation in Nov. 01 and in Dec 02 I walked in and one of the workers actually remembered me and offered me a free hot chocholate. I recommend this place very highly.

  • cool place to hang out. kinda preppie. great weed . don’t drink the coffee…yuk!!!! i found 9 out of ten coffe shops in amsterdam are not interested in making good coffee. nothing beats american coffee and weed. get a diet coke instead. this place is around alot of business hotels…cute babes in here on business…..if your cool you can score in more ways than one. have fun

  • what a place!! words can not justify..go check it out. try the cake too.

  • Friendly staff were helping out an some first timers when i came in, they are very friendly the girls are fit to. Smoke was of below average quality I brought some Master Kush which was just rank. Brought some Bon Bon’s back to the U.K, Shit them little things are tasty, not as strong as I was expecting. Nice place to chill.

  • Really comfortable coffee shop nice and airy and light. The chocolate Bon Bons are absolutly divine!

  • Great place, we stopped by here more than once during our trip. The space cake is quite tasty.

  • Good smoke. Good service. Good place to meet folk. BEWARE: Their seeds bank around the corner sells weak/bogus stock.

  • one of the best in dam and you must use the toilet


  • wierd homeless people go here because it opens early. they bother us. real average smoke shitty preweigh deals to boot
    used to be something special not anymore

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