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  1. Great place to have a couple pints and hang out. Weed is pretty good
    (I liked the Kalimist) and the scenery is even better. Some of the most
    beautful bar maidens I saw during my trip.

  2. Really smart moterbike outside decorated the same as the in and out side of la canna.hotel as well as a bar,pool room and coffee house situated upstairs. run by english people.a happy and friendly atmosphere

    commented on by sandie wilkie

  3. jeah jeah this is ONYX dj u no, me and my crew was there last yr. we did a show at the milkyway and thanks to la canna myself,fredro and sticky dont remember shit! Goodlookin we wiL be bac bet on dat! ONE LOVE da madface invasion AFFICIAL NaST. wha wha

  4. I am writing this from a womans point of view. La Cana may have a great image but if you are a couple of girls looking for somewhere to chill, this is NOT the place. Lots of weird guys, the loos are crap even though you have to pay, and there were bloody kittens EVERYWHERE!! On the pool tables, by the pool tables, outside the loos, in the loos!! By all means check it out – in the day – stay downstairs and have a drink and watch the world go by for 1/2hr or so, then, MOVE ON…….

  5. I was over with a group of lads on a stag weekend. La canna is a cool place for having a beer, blazing up and chillin out. The pool tables came in useful for winning a few euros. 10 of us spent about 2 1/2 hours in there. If there is a big group of you, this place can accomodate loads of people on both floors. Unlike some other coffee shops where 10 people going in packs the place. All in all decent place, nice beer, with good weed.

  6. I actually really like this coffeeshop, despite its vastness, which usually tends to put me off. And, if you like your eats then its worth going to for the hash chocolate muffins alone…the best hash cakes in ‘Dam. Lovely smoke, we sat there for about 3 hours totally stoned and playing an extremely confusing, but surprisingly entertaining, game of chess.

    Only downfall is that the service is slow and you really have to try hard to get the waitresses attention, not good when youre mouth has sried up and you’re desperate for a cassis! However, tip the waitress well the first time and she’ll keep coming back.

  7. coffee shop and accessories for sale were ok. Nothing special to be honest. I would NOT recommend the hotel at La Canna – Ive stayed in better gutters and it’s expensive too. The staff are rude and they take your passport on arrival leaving it on view in reception unguarded for anyone to take. The only thing these rooms are good for is vomiting in (which may be just what youre looking for).

  8. this was the first place I went and I had the happiest moment of my life sitting in the window on the 2nd floor, smoking a jont laced with the finest hash available, and waving to the police as the walked up the street looking for “real” criminals.

  9. We waited for service for over 10 minutes, which wouldn’t be a big deal except there was only 2 other “locals” there. Staff has major attitude, and kind of shady looking. Hope the motorcycle out front falls or gets tipped real soon.enough said.

  10. Areally nice place, expensive for the experience, the attendence was quite good, the grass really high!!!, I went to the second floor with my sister and we sit next to the window and from there we could watch all thing in the street, really cool!!!
    a very big place and no problems to get in there.
    next time i´ll go to Amsterdam i´ll definatly go to this coffeshop to get Jack Herer and White widow whixh is the best they have !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. over priced- bad attitude – lazy – badly managed – would never spend any money in there again. In fact buy your smoke somewhere else, pick up a drink from a local shop and go up to the third floor and make use of facilities like pool table etc without spending any money with these ingrates

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