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I do not normally write restaurant reviews but was so appalled by Maurya; I feel the need to warn all. It wasn’t the food that appalled me (the food was rather lush) and it wasn’t the decor, which was to a certain extent authentic. It wasn’t even the service, which was slow, but hey if good company surrounds you, it tends to be less of a concern. NO, what I and my fellow diners we dismayed by was the bill. It was OUTRAGESOUS! If you deducted the alcohol and water off the bill and calculated the food only, we were charged 50 euros EACH for food alone. Tell me, how does one eat 50 Euros of Indian food? We are not talking a Michelin Star restaurant for goodness sake! On checking the bill, we discovered curious costs. I won’t go too much into detail but we were highly overcharged. There are extra costs such as spiced rice, 6 euros per person. (There were eight of us, which amounts to 48 euros for rice alone). There were a lot of other additional costs as well that are not stated on the menu or mentioned by the waiter.
Anyway at the end of it all we refused to pay the total amount because it was clear he was trying to rip us off. We asked him to deduct 50 euros, he refused and was extremely rude to us shouting and carrying on. (Very professional). We asked him to call the police because we were not paying the amount on the bill. He did, the police came (5 of them) and after hearing both sides of the story and reviewing the bill and the menu the police agreed with us and we paid the amount which we thought was fair. Be warned! At the Maurya, they are rip off merchants!

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  • After a long time I experienced a real Indian taste of curries with Mauarya. Superb restaurant with real Indian decor and authentic Indian food. Service is a strong point of this restaurant. This restaurant stands out among all other restaurant at Leidseplein, Amsterdam.

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