A gathering of hippie souls have founded their own community of sorts just outside Amsterdam, and it is truly unique. Lots of events are scheduled to educate the public about their plight, as well as to have some fun and spread the love of the hippie movement. The collection of buildings is rumored to be truly Mad Maxish, I will report further after visiting myself.

You can visit Ruigoord by taking a bus (Number 82 on Marnixstraat outside Sloterdijk Train Station), by car or bicycle.

Here’s a couple of videos from Ruigoord to give you an idea of the action.

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  1. hi guys!!i used to live in den haag back in 2000,since then ive been in the uk,but am planning to return to holland to live around may 2005.i was wondering if anyone can tell me of any communes or squats that are friendly to foreigners and willing to give them accomadation????any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated,you can contact me on
    hey thanks guys!!!peace and love

  2. I too am looking for a squat community to be involved with, and hopefully visit. I work as an attorney in nyc working with squatters. Any info anyone would give I would appreciate, since the movement in the states has died, along with everything else!

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