The Grey Area

Small shop on a small street near the Spui. Good smoke.

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  • this was by far the best coffeeshop i visited on a recent visit to dam. great smoke service and for the size the best chillout spot in town

  • Excellent hash and buds at great prices and an American expat touchstone.

  • Have visited this place many times, firstly in 2002 and keep going back to this very day. I’ll be there this coming weekend so The Grey Area will be a must stop!
    It reminds me of an American High School Sitcom in there which to me is inviting!
    The Double Bubble Gum / Grey Mist and Yellow Taxi is supurb gear and deffinately worth a toke or two.
    Not the most comfortable of coffee shops with very few chairs and tables, but friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere (as long as too many people don’t crowd in).
    A highly recommended and enjoyable smoke. JD

  • good weed, but i need beer damit! what is this, am i supposed to smoke hash and drink water with no gas? fuck that, start serving beer. yet, that new york diesel was berry berry good!

  • finally found this coffeeshop, and it was closed. went back the next day, weed is brilliant there most of the menu is worth a good smoke, service is ok but the opening houurs suck, late starts and early finish, also is very much americas bumhole in amsterdam

  • buy your weed here smoke one and fall out the door,find another place to sit,wicked.

  • the smoke is fresh and fruity. you get fresh big buds rather than little sh**y buds. not a good place to chill but def worth getting bud from

  • This place is what it is, as far as the setup goes. It isnt ever gonna be bigger or less crowded feeling. But this is the best place to get smoke in a’dam. bar none. top to bottom. If you arent going for the smoke, dont go. If you are going for the smoke, you will be ultimately satisfied.

  • Great Place good people

  • Nic Here,
    Grey Area Rocks My Socks. Love The Smoke, Music And Vibes. Great Place To Chill On A Vacation. I Give This Place An Overall 10!!! “Keep It Mr. Grey… I’ll Buy Your Weed… Anyday 🙂

  • The Grey Area caters to the professional bud smoker. Clearly the best quality. I like the small place because it’s what helps make the place unique.

  • place was packed dealer very freindly and chatty menu excellent grey mist trichomes and golden soles lovely first stop in dam next time hopefully can sit and have a smoke go there for the quality

  • place was packed dealer very freindly and chatty menu excellent grey mist trichomes and golden soles lovely first stop in dam next time hopefully can sit and have a smoke go there for the quality

  • These guys have figured out how to pull the wool over the tourist eyes. This is a tourist shop of the highest magnitude. If you want WAY overpriced average weed, then this is the place for you. They cater to American tourists with american style 1/8ths. Geeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!

  • Nice little shop to stop off for some quality weed.
    Helpful staff weigh the weed in front of you and don’t underfill the baggies.
    Does get very full up in peak season though and the weed can get quite pricey – up to €13.50/g…

  • Great coffee shop. A little bit on the small side and always really busy. Bought some Grey Haze and Silver Bubble. The Grey Haze was a bit of a disappointment, really wet and fairly bad quality. The Silver Bubble on the other hand was amazing. Sweet smell and amazingly juicy taste. I recommend this coffee shop to anyone for a quick buy and go, amazing weed. Fairly pricey tho.

  • Nice weed but too small a place to enjoy the buzz

  • Good, but tiny

  • please tell me how can a person taking a day trip over by train from France, take a few grams back on the train to France.

    thank you.

  • Excellent weed-got chocolope and yellow cab-both were excellent.All of my friends and I agreed that this was some of the best weed we had in Amsterdam.Only popped in to buy some product as there were too many of us to stay!

  • nice sour diesel buddhas mothers finesh she was drooo

  • Nice weed cool dealer and popular and small.  Find this shop and go there!

  • This small shop was just what we had read about. Small and
    cramped with killer weed. It was pretty much one in and one
    out for the weed line and people were talking about just getting off
    the plane and going staight there for the best stuff.; When I
    got to the counter the dealer was a very cool American guy and he let
    me smell the goods and suggested the good stuff. We got Big
    buddah Cheese that was the nicest looking weed and had creamy thick
    smoke that tasted wonderfully like cheese!? We were surprised
    and loved it. We also got some Grey Haze and it was knock out
    stuff too. Very worth the trip for the good stuff.

  • This bud was amazing!  We got the "cheeze" and the chocolope.  Dealer was american guy from same city in the US as me.  Small shop but excellent quality.  Im looking forward to going back. 

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