Le Timbre

Chef Christopher Wright greets the guests with a glass of wine, and offers superb gourmet cuisine for around 30 euros per person. The tiny eatery is convivial and packed with diners. A must in Paris.

Closed Saturdays for lunch, and on Sundays.

3 rue Sainte Beuve

Phone: 01-45-49-10-40

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  1. This is a wonderful restaurant! The foie gras was the best I have ever had. The atmosphere is wonderful – and packed with locals (the sign of great place)!

  2. I love this place, which I go back to every time I’m in Paris. Food is superb at the price, but has been a bit uneven. The cramped atmosphere adds to this eatery’s unique charm, and watching the chef at work is fun, especially when his waitress is not there and he has to do everything himself: he recommends, takes the orders, cooks the food, serves it, answers phonecalls and cleans the kitchen. And I’ve never seen him make a single mistake. Fabulous!

  3. My wife and I visited this restaurant in July 2002. The food was excellent, and the atmosphere great. We had a delicious meal, better than any elsewhere that week in Paris and enjoyed the company of native Parisiens and occassional tourists in this somewhat cramped space.

  4. Amazing price.

    My wife and I had two starters (both excellent though small) two mains, shared a Napoleon and a bottle of 2000 St. Emilion… all for 68 Euros. The surroundings are somewhat cramped but the food was excellent.

  5. I was recently in Paris and I must say that of all the restaurants I visted, Le Timbre was my favorite.Charming and chic, Chef Christopher Wright and staff were lovely and more than accomodating. The food was exceptional and I highly recommend the veal – a succulent choice. The Apple Tart is also not to be missed!

  6. Absolutely charming in every way. The chef Christopher Wright is worth seeing in action – it’s like you are invited to his elaborate, precisely-timed dinner party. I go every time I go to Paris.

  7. One of the advantages of dining in France is being able to inspect the menu before you even step into the place. Therefore, you can decide whether it suits you and if you don’t want a place with only a prix fixe menu, you go somewhere else. It’s not like this restaurant is the only one in the city that doesn’t have an à la carte menu, either.

  8. Imposing a 33 euro menu whilst serving you with a grimace is not my idea of a pleasant night out. Don’t want a starter or dessert? Tough. You’re paying for it anyway. Yes, this is a classic English restaurant: over-priced and over-rated. If you find yourself in Paris give this one a wide berth!

  9. I don’t think much of this place: the owner is really rude and forces you to have a three course meal even if you didn’t ask for it.
    I really don’t recommend it

  10. My chef and I attended the International Food Convention in Paris. Shows are boring and this restaurant was exactly what we were looking for in Paris. The owner was great, invited us downstairs for wine and prepared us a great meal. Thank you Le Timbre.
    Rob and Jimmy

  11. What we all hope for in Paris and rarely find – a tiny restaurant with a small thoughtful menu based on what is fresh that day, creatively but simply prepared, served to customers who can afford to eat somewhere flashier but prefer not to. The chef and waitress (singular) are both charming and worked half to death when the evening gets under way. Added to this are well chosen wines and a wonderfully convivial atmosphere.

  12. Been once, for lunch. Equal to anything tried in 4 trips to Paris. Food, and particularly wine, superb. Bit cramped, but with food this good who cares? Will go back as often as possible.

  13. This place is just wonderful – the chef and waitress are so friendly and welcoming (bilingual service is always useful!), the food is superior to any I have had in Paris, the wine choice is small but always fantastic. Both the wine and food menus change all the time so there is always something new to try. I was there last month and try and go everytime I’m in Paris. The place is small so it can be a bit cramped, but thats part of the fun! A great find.

  14. We went on a Saturday lunch time and it wasnt crowded at all. I guess in the evenings its busier though. You can watch the chef cook your meal – its nice to be able to see how clean the kitchen is (I’ve heard bad stories about that sort of thing in Europe). The food was great, quite french but not too scary, the wine was great, will make sure I go there next time Im in town.

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